9 Best Places to Visit in March

March can be a busy month for travel in many countries, as in the southern hemisphere the long and hot summer days are beginning to end, and tourists are looking to grab the last rays of sunshine while it’s still there.

In the northern hemisphere, spring is beginning to blossom and things are starting to warm up again.

There are a lot of opportunities for travel this month, and to inspire your next journey, here are the best places to visit in March. 


One of the best places to visit in March is New Zealand because summer is ending and the transition to autumn is just beginning.

New Zealand

On the other side of the world to New Zealand, Argentina is also experiencing the end of its summer season, and March is the perfect time to visit the country before the weather turns for the worst.


Staying on the South American continent, one of the best places to visit in March is Brazil, where you can find excellent weather and high temperatures, even as the summer season comes to a close.



In March, Mexico has excellent weather. It’s dry, there are no hurricanes and it’s pleasantly warm, although beginning to get much hotter.

Far up in the northern hemisphere, one of the best places to visit in March is Iceland. After a long, cold and dark winter, the Nordic nation is just beginning to emerge into its beautiful spring season.


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