24 Amazing Malaysia Attractions You Cannot Miss

Malaysia is often overlooked by travelers heading to the beaches of Thailand or the historical sites of Cambodia or the latest travel hot spot of Myanmar.

You’ll find white sand beaches, the opportunity to trek to see orangutans and various species of monkeys, UNESCO-listed sites, street art, and temples.


Mulu National Park offers a great diversity of geology, climate, and vegetation which gives rise to a large variety of habitats and species.

1. Watch the bat exodus at Gunung Mulu National Park

Mount Kinabalu is located in Sabah on the island of Borneo. It’s Malaysia’s highest mountain, reaching 4,096 metres.

2. Climb Mt Kinabalu

3. Eat a smorgasbord of cultures

Here you’ll find culinary influences from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Portugal, India, the Netherlands, and Britain.

4. Snorkel in the Perhentian Islands

Found on the lesser-developed east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the Perhentians remain my favorite island destination in all of Southeast Asia.

5. Eat your way along Malacca’s Jonker Walk

It is so much fun that I recommend you plan your trip to be in Malacca for the weekend to avoid missing out on an ultimate street food experience.

6. Hike to Bukit Teresek

Deep in the Malaysian rainforest lies a beautiful and accessible hike to Bukit Teresek.

It’s considered a hidden gem since few foreign tourists know about it, and some even consider it to be the most beautiful island in the country.

7. Be a beach bum on Kapas Island

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