Best Area to Stay in Barcelona – Best Hotels & Travel Tips

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is a city of ancient Gothic architecture and the home of bold modernism.

With so much going on and different areas of the city offering atmospheres distinct from each other, where is the best area to stay in Barcelona?

The best area to stay in Barcelona if you want a little bit of everything: medieval architecture, lively tapas bars, upscale shopping, and some other interesting sights.

La Ribera

Well-known for its bars and restaurants that populate the palm-lined promenade. You can find al fresco seafood eateries as well as traditional tapas bars.

La Barceloneta

El Raval

It is a storied district in itself as there are many monuments, sights, centuries-old streets.

Today, El Raval is home to a large immigrant community and also boasts a number of bars and clubs for lively nightlife.


It’s here where you’ll find Park Güell, created by the architect as a commission for his close friend, and filled with the alien curves and striking facades that he’s famous for.


A district of modernist architecture, upmarket shopping, and what seems like a million different places to eat and drink, the area of Eixample is the ‘new’ part of Barcelona.

And one of the biggest sights, of course, is Sagrada Família – started in the late 19th century and still remaining unfinished, it towers above the city.

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