15 Glacier National Park Hikes

We’ve brought all the best hikes in Glacier National Park to one place so you can pick and choose what hikes you want to squeeze in on your vacation.

From off the beaten path adventures to relaxing, family-friendly trails, Glacier National Park has a little something for everyone.


This hike is all about the views, so if it is foggy or smokey you should opt-out hiking it for that day.

The Highline Trail

With tranquil meadows and, of course, the gorgeous Hidden Lake, this hike may take longer than you planned just because you’ll be wanting to stop and take so many pictures.

Hidden Lake Overlook

Avalanche Lake Trail

The Avalanche Lake hike is one of the most popular hikes in Glacier National Park since it’s extremely easy and takes a short time to hike.

Iceberg Lake

The Iceberg Lake trail is known to have lots of bear traffic, so make sure you make a lot of noise, carry bear spray, and hike in groups.

Grinnell Glacier

The most stunning of these is Grinnell Glacier. Although popular, don’t expect getting to the glacier to be easy – this hike is known as one of the most strenuous in the park.

The hike to Cracker Lake is not meant for beginners. This strenuous trail can be quite steep in places and may have the faint of heart heading back towards civilization.

Cracker Lake

Be prepared to stay even longer on the trail, because you’re sure to want to stop, have a picnic, and take loads of pictures.

Fishercap Lake

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