15 Amazing Arches National Park Hikes You Cannot Miss

Anyone can drive through and view all of the canyons, arches, and mountains from their car window, but to really immerse yourself you’ll want to check out the best hikes in Arches National Park.

This national park is home to over 2,000 arches, most of which have their very own hiking trail. Cchoosing just a couple of these trails is easier said than done.

This article puts together the best hikes in the park, what you’ll see on them, where they’re located and why you want to add them to your list. Happy hiking!


1. Delicate Arch Trail This trail is one of the best Arches National Park hikes and leads to the famous Delicate Arch. Yep, the arch that appears on every Utah license plate!

2. Landscape Arch Trail One of the most famous hikes in all of Arches National Park is to Landscape Arch. Luckily, it’s a short hike and relatively flat.

3. Devils Garden Trail to Double O Arch Also located in the Devils Garden, this trail continues on from Landscape Arch and shows off the best side of the park!

4. Primitive Trail Also located in the Devils Garden, the Primitive Trail is an alternate route leading from the Landscape Arch to the Double O Arch.

5. Balanced Rock Trail Anyone can visit the Balanced Rock viewpoint, but if you really want to take in the beauty of these rock formations, you’ll have to hit the trail.

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