10 Fascinating Places to Visit in Greenland

This Arctic island may not be at the top of your immediate travel plans, but we think you should reconsider that. To prove our point, we want to share some of the best places to visit in Greenland.

From the best cities, towns and remote regions to visit, to the best activities to be experienced across this vast island, here are some of the best places to visit in Greenland.


There is a small museum to visit, and several remote fishing villages nearby that offer wonderful insights into local life in this far corner of Greenland.



Found on the western coastline, at Ilulissat you can see the spectacular sight of the enormous Ilulissat Ice Fjord which continually empties icebergs into the bay by the town.


Home to one of Greenland’s two international airports and it makes for a great entry point to the western coast. This is a small town, that really only grew around the airport.


Explore the old harbor, where the settlers first landed, then walk through the colorful houses that dot the streets and the cliffs.


A small place and there’s little except an interesting museum and the airport in the town. The real beauty lies in the surrounding areas and in exploring the remote settlements.

Tasiilaq and Eastern Greenland

It’s really more of a village however but well worth a visit purely to enjoy its remote isolation. This is really what Greenland is all about.

Northeast Greenland National Park

Much of this encompasses a huge ice sheet, but the coastline contains fjords, an endless array of icebergs and untouched scenery.

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