15 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

I’ve visited many times myself, and if you are someone in need of sand and sun or just seeking a getaway from work, I’ve got a list of the best places to visit in the Caribbean for you to check out.

The Caribbean is a classic travel destination for anyone looking for sun, sea, and sand, and it’s one of the most popular parts of the world for vacationers.


Puerto Rico might be a territory of the USA, but its long Spanish history prior to this makes the island one of the most intriguing and diverse destinations in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico

One of the most unique territories of the USA, you’ll be able to delve into the fascinating colonial past in the main city of Charlotte Amalie, which is even named for a Danish Queen.

St. Thomas

St. John

You come here for the beaches and the natural tropical beauty. Getting here is simple, from Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, take a local bus to the Red Hook ferry station.

You’ll find quiet resorts and plenty of secluded areas to explore on Cozumel, and you’ll find snorkeling and diving opportunities that are some of the best that are available in Mexico.



Cuba is slowly opening its gates to tourists. Get in fast before the nostalgia disappears, because Cuba is a country that gives the impression that it’s stuck in a time warp.

Dominica is one of the most volcanic islands in the Caribbean, and because of this, it’s also one of the most dramatic. The highest point on the island rises to over 1500 meters in height.


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