Best Time to Visit Alaska

Alaska is the last real wilderness left in the United States, an untouched, rugged, and pristine destination that’s just waiting to be explored by intrepid travelers. 

To be able to plan the ultimate trip to the national parks and to remote destinations, you’ll need to know the best time to visit Alaska.

If you want to enjoy the Northern Lights, this can be the best time to visit Alaska because you’ll catch them in the night but still be able to enjoy the daylight hours too.

March in Alaska

The wildlife begins to emerge from hibernation and if you head into the national parks you’ll begin to see all sorts of animals, including moose and perhaps even the odd bear.

April in Alaska

May in Alaska

The start of summer, or at least the end of spring, and temperatures continue to rise all through the month. You’ll start to see whales in the ocean and more wildlife in the national parks.

June in Alaska

Those summer crowds really make their first appearance in June, because this is the start of the high season. This is not the best time to visit Alaska if you want the most popular places.

July in Alaska

It's still peak season, and it’s still the height of summer in the state. If you’re looking to explore the national parks and go hiking, then this is the best time to visit Alaska.

This is a great last chance to enjoy the best of the national parks and outdoor activities in Alaska, while the waters off the coast will be teeming with humpback whales and orcas.

August in Alaska

The wildlife is very active in September, and this is the best time to visit Alaska to see the wildlife preparing for their winter hibernation by stocking up on food and hunting.

September in Alaska

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