Best Time to Visit Glacier National Park: A Month by Month Breakdown

With such a range of weather in the park, finding the right month to go hiking or seeing the leaves change is easier said than done.

No matter if you want to see the leaves change in the autumn or hike up the trails to view the magnificent glaciers, this guide will take you through every month of the year.

As the snow starts to fall and winter settles into Glacier National Park, many trails and roads will close for the season.

Winter in Glacier NP

Despite the weather being unforgiving, tourists can still enjoy the winter wonderland throughout the park on skis, snowshoes, or from the comfort of their car.



If you manage to layer up and don’t mind the cold, travelers can still go out and enjoy the slopes and mountain roads if the weather cooperates.

Spring Season in Glacier NP

For travelers not wanting to be caught up in the crowds of summer, Spring is another great time of the year to visit Glacier National Park.


Despite the last remnants of winter lingering over the park, travelers can still find camping at Apgar and St Mary Campgrounds.

During the last week of April, the snow will finally begin to melt, revealing the hundreds of miles of trails that lay untrodden during the winter.


For those of you wanting to hit the trails but looking to avoid the crowds of peak season, May is the perfect time to start!


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