Best Time to Visit the Philippines

The Filipino year is predominantly split into a wet and a dry season, which for travel purposes conform to the low and the high season.

Plan carefully, because the wet season brings dangerous typhoons, landslides and disrupted travel, whereas the dry season brings clear skies and sunshine.

May could well be the best time to visit the Philippines. You might experience clouds towards the end of the month, but it’s going to be dry for most of May.

May in the Philippines

Keep a close eye on the weather, and if you do decide to visit in June then keep to the west coast. Typhoons tend to hit the east coast first and move westwards.

June in the Philippines

July in the Philippines

Prices will be lower and there are none of the dry season crowds, but that’s because this is the middle of the typhoon season.

It’s going to be rainy, and there are likely to be typhoon warnings all through the month. You can still visit certain parts of the west, as you’ll have more warning of typhoons.

August in the Philippines

September in the Philippines

The weather begins to calm down in September, You’ll be enjoying the Philippines with fewer crowds around and lower prices, and it’s a good time to visit popular islands.

October is the last month of the rainy season, but it can go either way. You’ll either have beautiful sunny weather and clear skies, or lots of rain.

October in the Philippines

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