30 Best Travel Movies that Inspire Travel

No one can be traveling all the time so why not live vicariously through a great film and maybe even get inspired for your next trip?

Watching a good travel movie gives you that buzz of excitement; the urge to pack your suitcase and head for the open road.


A tale filled with adventure and romance as he takes a global trip to several exotic places.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Lina’s Favorite Travel Movie!

This film follows a man’s journey after he feels he’s hit rock bottom and travels a rough road to and through the Alaskan wilderness.

Into the Wild – David’s Favorite Travel Movie!

Slumdog Millionaire

If you’ve ever been to India than you’ll understand why this movie is on our list.

The Beach

It was the movie that inspired us to take our honeymoon to Thailand so we could visit the famous Maya Bay that is featured in the movie.

Couples Retreat

It’s all about the South Pacific is this hilarious romantic comedy, another one of Lina’s favorite travel movies.

Mamma Mia

If you like musicals that are set in dreamy locations, this is one that will have you wanting to head straight for Greece.

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