Bonito, Brazil: Ultimate Planning Guide + Why You Should Go

Brazil is quite unlike anywhere else in the country because this remote isolated community in the far west of Brazil is surrounded by a huge array of crystal clear waterways that are teeming with fish.

It is well worth the long journey, and to help you to plan your trip, here’s our guide to visiting Bonito, Brazil.

The closest major transport hub is found in the state capital of Campo Grande, which is a good 5-hour bus ride away to the east.

How to Travel to Bonito

Ecotourism in Bonito, Brazil

There are currently 38 ecotourism sites in and around Bonito and each site has strict limitations on the number of daily visitors allowed in.

Rio de Prata

The river offers absolutely crystal clear water, and the best way to experience this aquamarine underwater environment is to snorkel along its length.

Gruta do Lago Azul

You can snorkel, swim or even scuba dive deep down into the water, where in places you can even find the fossilized remains of ancient prehistoric animals.

Aquario de Natural

If you are not comfortable swimming, you can even take a glass-bottomed boat tour through this natural aquarium.

Buraco das Araras

Visitors can hike around the rim, to different viewing points that offer superb panoramas and bird watching opportunities.

Abismo Anhumas

Once you are safely down below, wooden platforms have been built over the blue water that has flooded the cave, where of course, you can have a refreshing swim or snorkel.

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