Dolomites Hiking on the Alta Via 1: Know Before You Go

Rising high in the northeast of Italy, the Dolomites are a seemingly impenetrable mountain range that has long inspired travelers and intrepid adventurers seeking new hiking and climbing challenges.

It’s tough, it’s uphill, but it’s a great Dolomites hiking experience. To help you plan your trip, here’s our guide to planning and hiking the Alta Via 1.

What is the Alta Via 1?

In the Dolomites, an Alta Via is essentially a High Route. These are long-distance trails that pass through the alpine regions and through the mountains.

How to Reach the Start and End Points of the Alta Via 1

This is a rural area, and while most hikers will get to the trailhead using public transport, depending on where you are arriving from this can take several changes of bus and train.

Best Time to Hike the Alta Via 1

With multiple peaks that rise above 3000 meters, Dolomites hiking is a very seasonal activity.

Facts About the Alta Via 1 Hike

• Alta Via 1 is the first of 8 different long-distance hiking routes in the Dolomites.

• The trail starts in Pragser Wildsee and ends in Belluno.

Guided vs Unguided

This is a long-distance hiking route, and while it can be very up and down each way, the route itself is not technical and no specialist equipment or training is needed.

Mountain Rifugios and Equipment

This is where you will be spending your nights while on the trail, and it means that you can hike unsupported.

Highlights of the Alta Via 1 Hike

The hike starts at the beautiful alpine lake of Pragser Wildsee, which is a highlight of the trip, but by no means the last beautiful spot.

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