6 Reasons to Stay at the Grouse Mountain Lodge When You Visit Glacier National Park

Figuring out where to stay when visiting Glacier National Park can be a hard task.

You’re presented with options like the east side, the west side, in the park, near the park or in one of the nearby hub towns. Ultimately, we landed at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana.


From the minute that you arrive in town, you know you’re in a place where you’ll find craft beer, cozy restaurants and a place to shop a wide variety of souvenirs.

1. Mountain Resort Town Atmosphere

2. Abundance of Food Options

You can find everything from hamburgers, pizza joints, Italian restaurants, Thai, Chinese and more. There are also fast food places, if that is your thing.

3. Local Shopping and Galleries

You’ll find plenty of places selling reasonably priced souvenirs that are branded for the town and Glacier National Park.

4. Recreation and Relaxation Options

There are golf courses, ski hills, walking trails, biking trails, kayak and stand up paddle boarding launches to name a few.

5. Whitefish Has A Rich History

The town offers a highly interesting self-guided walking tour through the downtown that showcases the many original buildings and their stories.

6. Access to Other Natural Areas

Just around the corner from the Grouse Mountain Lodge is Whitefish Lake, where you can enjoy the beautiful sand beaches.

Grouse Mountain Lodge Review

Overall, we found the Grouse Mountain Lodge to be well located and comfortable as our base for exploring Glacier National Park and the surrounding area.

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