10 Killer Tips on How to Find Cheap Flights

Finding cheap flights has been honed to art by those in the know, but for many, the whirlwind travel industry can seem like a nightmare to navigate. 

It doesn’t have to be though, and in fact, there are many simple methods that will help you easily learn how to find cheap flights for your next holiday.


It will give you an idea of what the lowest going rates are, but then you still need to do the hard work and book it on a separate website.

Use Online Search Engines

Generally offer the lowest rates on certain routes – although not always – and in some parts of the world, they are the best option if you want the cheapest possible flights.

Search Budget Airlines

You Need to be Flexible and Inflexible

It may seem like a contradiction, but knowing how to find cheap flights actually involves needing to be both flexible and inflexible. You need to be flexible in the sense that to find the absolute best deals.

Don’t Fly In Peak Season

They know that it’s always going to be busier at Christmas and over the summer holidays, and so they hike the prices up during these peak seasons.

Avoid the Weekends

Equally, when learning how to find cheap flights, it’s just as important to avoid the weekends. Airlines might have higher fares when you fly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

When it comes to long haul flights, flying direct is never usually the cheapest option. Direct flights are always in higher demand, and so airlines can charge a premium for this route.

Don’t Fly Direct

At certain times of the year, the airlines might slash their prices if they have lots of seats to sell. This never happens last minute though, but rather, months in advance.

You Can Wait For Sales

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