AirBNB Coupon Code 2022 (Up to $100 in Discounts)

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Airbnb gives you the option of staying with locals as you travel, thus saving a lot of money. Most experienced travelers do not book hotel stays anymore because of this service. We’re about to share with you how to get an Airbnb coupon code and maximize your savings.

We’ve stayed in multiple Airbnb properties during our travels and have never been disappointed. Even better, as regular users of the service we are able to offer you some pretty amazing Airbnb promo codes for great savings on your stay!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a little help to offset their travel expenses? I know that we do. 

By using this Airbnb promo code, you’ll gain access to up to $70 in savings on your first booking. 

Using an Airbnb Coupon Code for Savings

airbnb coupon code - beach view
Find an Airbnb on the beach

To take advantage of the discount code, follow our referral link to claim your credit. This link will get you up to $55 off your first qualified Airbnb stay. In addition, you can also access up to $15 in credit for an Airbnb experience (cool tours in the location you book your stay). 


Airbnb only offers discounts and promos through their referral program and this is a very easy way to get $70 in travel credit for your trip. 

When and Where to Use Your Airbnb Discount Code

airbnb coupon code - Indonesia
Find an Airbnb in Indonesia

Your credit will be available to you immediately and you can use it towards your first Airbnb booking of $75 or more. The first timer Airbnb promo code will only be used on your first stay and is automatically applied at checkout. 

As far as where you can use it, Airbnb offers properties across the globe on every continent and most countries. This includes North America, South America, Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, islands in Oceania and everywhere in between.

Once you start searching through the Airbnb website, you’ll realize that the sky is the limit and you’ll have access to some pretty incredible properties for much less than you would pay for a hotel room. 

What to do if you already have an Airbnb Account

The only catch with using the referral discount code is that if you already have an Airbnb account, you cannot take advantage of any savings. Unfortunately, the Airbnb coupon code is only available to new Airbnb users. 

As an existing user, you probably already received the following message: 

Looks like you already have an account
These coupons are only for those new to Airbnb. You can still earn credit by inviting people you know to join.

While that may seem like a total loss, never fear, we have a solution! This tiny technicality can be avoided by simply opening up a new account on Airbnb with a different email address or social channel. 

If you’re a couple, be sure to open up accounts in both of your names from the start, so you can both receive the discount. Double bonus! And after you open your new account to take advantage of our Airbnb coupon code, use your new account to access a referral code from your old account. 

Do this a few times and you’ll be rolling in Airbnb credit for your upcoming travels. 

How to Save Even More Money on Airbnb Bookings

While prices are automatically lower in most cases, the great thing about it is that you can save even more money if you know what to do.

Here are some quick tips to help you save money on your next Airbnb booking.

Earn Your Own Referral Credit

Cancun, Mexico- airbnb coupon code
Find an Airbnb in Mexico

From the moment that you open your first Airbnb account, you are able to start earning your own referral credit. The program is standard, meaning you are able to offer the same deal to your friends and family as we have for you. 

When they accept, you both earn account credit to use on your Airbnb bookings. Being a referrer can earn you substantial credit within the Airbnb system, meaning you could be looking at some free stays if you hustle. 

The biggest perk is that as an earner, you are no longer limited to earning and using credit as a first-time user. As soon as you start sharing your Airbnb referral code and people book their first stay from it, you will start earning Airbnb credit. 

You can earn up to $5,000, the limit on accumulated credit. This could cover many upcoming stays for you during your travels. Heck, you could even book a posh place near home for a staycation. 

To start being an earner and inviting people to Airbnb, follow our step by step instructions:

  • Go to the top right of your Airbnb screen and click invite friends or credit
  • You might have to click invite people from the box that pops up
  • You will land on a page that say Share Your Love for Travel
  • The referral code for your account will be in the box under Share your invite link.
  • Copy/paste your code or use the built in share buttons to spread the word
  • Start earning credit!

Signup to be a Host

By signing up to become an Airbnb host, you can earn another $75 credit for your upcoming travels. You can also make some serious money by offering a room or even your entire place for rent on Airbnb. 

There are loads of people making a lot of money using this platform and it could be a legit side hustle to even fund all your travels. 

Negotiate Prices

Fiji - airbnb coupon code
Find an Airbnb in Fiji

Airbnb guests are usually not aware of the Special Offer feature that is available on the site. The host can send this offer when you message them with some dates in mind. This allows negotiations.

Once you have found a property you are interested in booking, use the “Contact this host” option and add the dates. By doing this you become “pre-approved” but there is no obligation to pay.

Remember to be considerate when making offers and remember that there is value in privately renting versus staying in a hotel. You want to seriously consider negotiations when:

  • You plan to stay for a longer period
  • You introduced yourself and you did take time to know the owners
  • You are booking at the last minute and rooms are available

Look Off-Site

airbnb coupon code - Barcelona, Spain
Find an Airbnb in Barcelona, Spain

Most homeowners are aware of security tips for Airbnb hosts, including the fact that one of them is to only use the services of Airbnb, but this does not stop them from offering their availability on numerous sites.

Contrary to popular belief, the best prices are not always present on the platform. In many cases, the room is more expensive than the listing you see on the website of the hostel.

Before you book, see if the establishment has a website and a way to contact them directly. This is going to bring prices down since you eliminate the need for the host to give out a part of the earnings to Airbnb.

Also, be sure that you look at other similar booking sites like You never know where the prices are the best.

Book More Nights Than Needed

airbnb coupon code - Seville Spain
Find an Airbnb in Seville, Spain

You will need to do some math but it is a great option to take into account, especially when your stay is longer. The idea is that there are numerous Airbnb hosts that offer monthly or weekly discounts.

Those discounts can be pretty high and by taking advantage of them you could pay less than with the shorter booking.

Laws are different from one location to the next. There are places like Miami where there is an extra occupancy tax if people rent a room for under one month. Always check and see the taxes listed in the price to see if there is something that can be avoided and if there are some opportunities to save cash.

As a clear example, if you stay 30 days in San Diego, you pay an extra tax. When you stay for 31 days there is zero extra tax and the price becomes lower.

Do Your Homework for Better Savings

It always pays to do some research and play around with dates to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal during your travels. The advantages of staying in an Airbnb are endless, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather be in an oceanfront condo than an overpriced hotel with no view?

Airbnb Discount Code

airbnb coupon code - Mexico hammock

If you haven’t clicked over to get your FREE Airbnb coupon code yet, do not hesitate. CLICK HERE to get instant credit, up to $70, to use on accommodation or experience through Airbnb on your next trip. 

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