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Lina & David Stock hiking in Patagonia

We’ve visited more than 100 countries on all 7 continents and learned a lot along the way about the things that make adventure travel itself, let alone the destinations, one of the last real wonders of the modern world.

It’s no secret, we love travel adventures.

Over the years we have decided to curate a list of the top travel adventures on the planet. We wanted a list of adventures that anyone could do, from the weekend warrior to the multi-week adventurer.

These adventures are for you and we’re doing the leg work (twist our arms!) so you can head out and enjoy.

 World’s Top 100 Travel Adventures



1. Hike Patagonia (Argentina/Chile)
2. Hike the Azores (Portugal)
3. Gorilla Trekking (Rwanda)
4. Snow Leopard Tracking (India)
5. Camp at the Gates of Hell (Turkmenistan)
6. White Water Raft Nile River (Uganda)
7. Wild Chimp Trek (Tanzania)
8. Husky Safari (Finland)
9. Soak in Devils Pools (Zambia)
10. Climb Nyiragongo Volcano (DR Congo)
11. Kayak Quirimbas (Mozambique)
12. Serengeti Safari (Tanzania)
13. Climb Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
14. Multi-day Felucca trip Nile (Egypt)
15. Kruger NP Safari (South Africa)
16. Shark Cage Diving (South Africa)
17. Canoe Safari Okavango Delta (Botswana)
18. Sahara Camel Safari (Morocco)
19. Tongariro Crossing (New Zealand)
20. Celebrate Holi in the Streets (India)
21. Simien Mountains Trek (Ethiopia)
22. Great Wall of China Hike (China)
23. Climb Mt Kinabalu (Borneo)
24. Reindeer Horse Trek (Mongolia)
25. Everest Base Camp Trek (Nepal)
26. White Water Rafting (Costa Rica)
27. Kayak Sea Safari (Philippines)
28. Scuba Diving Sipadan (Borneo)
29. Orangutan Trek (Indonesia)
30. Son Doong Cave Expedition (Vietnam)
31. Horse Trek The Caucasus (Georgia)
32. Overland through Tibet (China)
33. The Druk Path (Bhutan)
34. Overland Track (Tasmania)

35. Bush Camp Fraser Island (Australia)
36. Scuba Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
37. Drive Australia’s East Coast
38. Trolltunga Hike (Norway)
39. Raft the Upper Navua River (Fiji)
40. Kokoda Track Hike (Papua New Guinea)
41. Snorkel Jellyfish Lake (Palau)
42. Hike the Inca Trail (Peru)
43. Kayak San Juan Islands (USA)
44. Galapagos Islands Traverse (Ecuador)
45. Pantanal Expedition (Brazil)
46. Hike to Ciudad Perdida (Colombia)
47. Hike to Angel Falls (Venezuela)
48. Sail Komodo Islands (Indonesia)
49. Trek to Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)
50. Camp Uyuni Salt Flats (Bolivia)
51. Macaw Research Expedition (Peru)
52. Hang Gliding in Rio (Brazil)
53. Easter Island 3 Summits (Chile)
54. Raft the Zambezi River (Zimbabwe)
55. Ausangate Trek (Peru)
56. Churchill Polar Bear Expedition (Canada)
57. Kayaking Sea of Cortez (Mexico)
58. Wild West Cattle Drive (USA)
59. Hot Air Balloon Flight (Egypt)
60. Raft Shubenacadie Bore (Canada)
61. Kayak Clayoquot Sound (Canada)
62. Icefields Parkway Road Trip (Canada)
63. Spirit Bear Expedition (Canada)
64. See Narwhals in Nunavut (Canada)
65. Yukon Canoe Trip (Canada)
66. Chon Kyzyl Su Trek (Kyrgyzstan)
67. Hike Zion Narrows (USA)

68. Yosemite Grand Traverse (USA)
69. Alaska Bear Camp (USA)
70. Raft the Grand Canyon (USA)
71. Hike the Kalalau Trail (USA)
72. Bike Trip through Loire Valley (France)
73. Svalbard Expedition (Norway)
74. Great SW American Road Trip (USA)
75. Aerobatic Thrill Flight (USA)
76. Kayak the Apostle Islands (USA)
77. Camino de Santiago Hike (Spain)
78. Lemur Safari (Madagascar)
79. Sail the Coast of Croatia
80. Horse trekking (Ireland)
81. Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc (Switzerland)
82. Snorkel the Silfra Ridge (Iceland)
83. North Pole Expedition (Russia)
84. Andes Mountain Travesia (Argentina)
85. Fly a 1902 Wright Glider (USA)
86. Climb Skellig Michael (Ireland)
87. Arctic Circle Trail (Greenland)
88. Expedition to Antarctica
89. Expedition to South Georgia
90. Visit the Darien Gap (Panama)
91. Trek Petra Back Door (Jordan)
92. Franz Josef Islands Expedition (Russia)
93. Skydive Dubai (UAE)
94. Ring of Fire Trek (Guatemala)
95. Hike Dolomites Alta Via (Italy)
96. Northwest Passage Expedition
97. Hike the Milford Track (New Zealand)
98. Climb Mount Fuji (Japan)
99. Sail French Polynesia
100. Trans Siberian Train (Russia)




Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Divergent Travelers

Gorilla trekking is one of the best travel adventures you can do. Not only do you get to experience the beauty of Africa, but also come face to face with the largest primate on the planet.

There are only around 800 gorillas left in the wild and it’s possible to see them in 1 of 3 countries; Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We chose to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda because it is done in Volcanoes National Park. This is also the location of the Dian Fossey gorillas, so if you like history you’ll want to consider this too.

Gorilla Trekking FAQ

  • Country: Rwanda
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Wildlife Viewing
  • Start/End Location: Volcanoes National Park
  • Days Needed: 1 Day
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda is from mid-December to early February or over the long dry season months of June to September. This is when the hiking conditions are the best and the risk of malaria is low.

If you plan your visit during September, try to align it with the dates of the annual Kwitz Izina. A huge festival that celebrates the gorilla conservation efforts and names the previous years baby gorillas.

There are plenty of ways to approach booking your gorilla trekking trip, but the best way is by tour. This will ensure you get one of the highly sought after and limited permits.

We recommend the following tours:

White Water Rafting Nile River Uganda Africa

Africa is filled with many top travel adventures and there are few rivers in the world that rival the intensity of the mighty Nile River. As such, it’s home to some of the best white water rafting in the world.

But we won’t lie, rafting this river is intense. You’ll face monster rapids, strong water and no sight of land. Never fear, though, the guides are experienced and ready to show you the adventure of a lifetime.

A successful run on the river will be completed in roughly 6 hours from your departure in Jinja.

Nile River White Water Rafting FAQ

  • Country: Uganda
  • Adventure Type: Rafting
  • Start/End Location: Jinja
  • Days Needed: 1 Day
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 5/5

The best time to raft the Nile River in Uganda is truly any time of the year. The water flow is controlled by a dam, so it’s not affected by seasons or by rains.

That said, the rafting is particularly good during Uganda’s dry season. This means that choosing to raft in January to February or June to September will offer warm temperatures and clear skies.

We recommend rafting with Nile River Explorers. They are one of the best rafting companies in Africa and they care about preserving this natural wonder for future generations to experience. They also participate in great outreaches all around Africa like saving the rhinos and additional conservation efforts.

We recommend the following tours:

chimpanzee in Tanzania

There are a few great places in the world to go wild chimp trekking but one of the most historical and famous locations is in the Gombe Stream National Park where Dr. Jane Goodall conducted her ground-breaking chimpanzee studies.

The park is home to one of the most important chimpanzee research centers in the world. Here visitors not only trek to view the wild chimps but also spend time learning about them ultimately becoming ambassadors of research and conservation.

Gombe Stream National Park is known for its challenging treks but also for its great sightings, which are almost certain.

Wild Chimp Trekking FAQ

  • Country: Tanzania
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Wildlife Viewing
  • Start/End Location: Gombe Stream National Park
  • Days Needed: 3-7 days
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to go on a wild Chimpanzee trek is from July to October.

This is when the viewing is at its best and the possibilities of finding them are way higher since it’s the dry season. The chimps also tend to live on the lower slopes of the mountain ridges during this time of the year.

Peak season runs from July to October. During the low season, April to May, most lodges are closed. The wet season runs from November to April and while it is still possible to trek, you’ll want to manage your expectations.

There are plenty of companies that offer chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania but we recommend the outfitter that takes out photographers from National Geographic, Natural World Safaris. A company that is doing more than just pushing tourists to view the wild Chimpanzees.

We recommend the following tour with them:

Livingstone Island Devils Pool Zambia

There are plenty of great locations in the world where you can enjoy a relaxing soak but there’s only one place in the world where you can take a dip right on the edge of the tallest waterfall in the world.

Located right on the edge of the towering Victoria Falls is a naturally formed pool area where, during the right time of the year, visitors can scramble across a rocky wall and enjoy a heart-racing soak in the world’s ultimate infinity pool.

It’s one heck of a view as the mighty Zambezi crashes over the cliffs just feet away from where you are sitting.

Victoria Falls Devil Pools FAQ

  • Country: Zambia
  • Adventure Type: Adrenaline
  • Start/End Location: Victoria Falls & Livingstone Island
  • Days Needed: 1 Day
  • Physical Difficulty: 2/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time to soak in the Victoria Falls Devil Pools is from November to December. This is when the falls are at their lowest and people can do the float of angels.

There have been times where the pools are open in early October and even September due to low water levels.

Just keep in mind if your visiting Zambia or Zimbabwe during the rainy season, Victoria Falls will be impressive but you will not be able to soak in Devil’s Pools.

You can book a tour to soak in the Devil Pools from both the Zimbabwe and Zambia side of Victoria Falls. We did this adventure when we spent 17 weeks Overlanding through Africa from Cape Town to Cario.

We recommend the following tour with them:

Don’t forget to save some time for a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls, too.

Nyiragongo Volcano Democratic Republic of Congo

Adventure awaits on this thrilling travel adventure where hikers get the chance to trek to the world’s most dangerous volcano. Mount Nyiragongo, also known as General Nyiragongo by the locals, is the world’s most volatile volcano and has been showering the city of Goma with lava and ash for decades.

Your adventure begins early as you have to trek through the bright green jungle-covered mountainside to reach the waist land of lava covered rubble and rocks.

Standing at the rim, you’ll feel mother nature’s greatness as the hot air and gasses brush past you. You’ll peer down into a boiling lava lake where the molten lava is hypnotizing.

Like all of our travel adventures you just don’t get your Instagram photo and go, you spend the night camped out on the crater watching it boil and glow throughout the night. In the early morning you say goodbye and you hike back down into the jungle.

Climbing Nyiragongo Volcano FAQ

  • Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Camping
  • Start/End Location: Goma
  • Days Needed: 2 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to climb Nyiragongo Volcano is from May to September. July is known to be the driest month, followed by June in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There’s also a short dry period from January to February, which also makes for a great time to make the climb.

The higher regions are always cooler, and the skies are a little clearer than the normal overcast that the DRC sees every day.

Trekking to Nyiragongo Volcano is operated by the Virunga National Park service. It is not possible to take on this adventure independently.

To book this adventure:

Quirimbas Islands in Mozambique

Discover the lesser visited wilderness of Quirimbas National Park and its surrounding islands in Mozambique.

The Quirimbas Islands lie off the North Eastern Mozambique edge located in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago is almost untouched to visitors and has only recently opened up to outside travelers.

Exploring by kayak is the best way to see this region. You’ll wake up on an island every day and then see where turquoise waters take you each day.

Kayak to Quirimbas FAQ

  • Country: Mozambique
  • Adventure Type: Kayaking
  • Start/End Location: Pemba
  • Days Needed: 8-9 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time to kayak the Quirimbas Islands on a sea safari is from January to April based on the best weather and sea conditions for paddling.

May to December you have the least chance for rain, but paddling conditions are unpredictable during this time of year and trips are limited due to conditions.

For taking on this travel adventure we recommend going with a tour operator who not just operates amazing trips, but is eco-friendly and truly cares about preserving it for generations to come.

We recommend the following tour:

African Elephant Serengeti Safari Tanzania

There’s no other travel adventure like it on Earth, a Serengeti Safari in Tanzania is truly a bucket list adventure for anyone.

Known as one of the best wildlife-viewing destinations in the world, a Serengeti safari is filled with days in search of whatever you can find in the worlds most unspoiled wilderness. You never know what you’ll come across.

Enjoy big cats sunning themselves, wildebeest roaming the plainlands, elephants and hippos playing in the wild rivers. It’s the real world circle of life on display for you to be amazed by and enjoy.

Serengeti Safari FAQ

  • Country: Tanzania
  • Adventure Type: Safari
  • Start/End Location: Arusha
  • Days Needed: 1 to 4 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 2/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 2/5

The Serengeti offers a year-round opportunity of amazing safaris. Many people have their sights on seeing the Great Migration and rightfully so but that isn’t the best time to view all of the animals in the Serengeti. Most avoid the noisy crowds of wildebeest and zebras.

To get the most out of your visit, be sure to plan the right area for the time of your visit. We recommend:

  • December to March: Ndutu region for calving season and Seronera for big cats
  • April to May: Grumeti region for the Wildebeest Migration
  • June to July: Seronera region
  • July to October: Northern Serengeti

There’re plenty of great safari operators out there but you want to go with one that not only cares about giving you the best possible adventure but also cares about the area and its wildlife.

We recommend the following tour:

Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a feat that is on many people’s bucket list and rightfully so. It is Africa’s highest mountain and unlike the tallest peaks on other continents, you don’t need special training nor lots of money to conquer the summit. 

Your adventure starts at the gates of Kilimanjaro National Park, where thousands of climbers attempt to reach the summit each year.

It is a journey of discovery as this mountain comes to life unlike you have expected nor seen before. You’ll hike through five distinct climate zones that make you feel like you’re traveling from the equator to the North Pole.

Climbing Kilimanjaro FAQ

  • Country: Tanzania
  • Adventure Type: Hiking
  • Start/End Location: Arusha
  • Days Needed: 5 to 10 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 5/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 5/5

Due to Mount Kilimanjaro’s location near the equator, it’s an ideal location all year round to climb. However, we do suggest avoiding the rainy season that runs from March to May and November to December.

During this time, you can still attempt to climb Kilimanjaro but the trail conditions tend to be slippery and extremely muddy.

When looking for the best tour for climbing Kilimanjaro you want to look for a tour operator that offers an epic adventure but one that also cares about the locals. One that supports local guides, porters and camps. One that also leads the way in programs not just on the mountain but off the mountain too.

We recommend the following tours:

African Lion

There are plenty of great places to go on a safari in Africa but one of the best for game viewing is in Kruger National Park located in South Africa.

There’s no other park in Africa that offers the density of wildlife that Kruger does while also offering award-winning accommodation and Africa’s best wild game trackers and local guides.

Kruger National Park is also known to be less crowded at sightings, making it more magical for you and those in your safari truck.

Kruger National Park Safari FAQ

  • Country: South Africa
  • Adventure Type: Safari
  • Start/End Location: Johannesburg
  • Days Needed: 3 to 5 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 2/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 2/5

Kruger National Park in South Africa is considered a year-round destination, but it does have two distinct seasons for wildlife viewing.

The best time to go on a safari for wildlife viewing is from the end of September to October when the vegetation is low, making animals easier to spot and follow. On top of that, this is when the water sources provide rewarding game viewing.

November to April is another great time to visit Kruger since it’s the rainy season. That means the landscape will be bright green. The wildlife may be harder to spot during this time of the year but the game viewing is still great with young summer-born animals around. It’s also the best time to visit Kruger for bird watching.

For this travel adventure, we recommend going on the Explore Kruger National Park tour with G Adventures.

On this 7-day journey, you’ll track elephants, lions and cheetahs but you will also go out with a researcher from the Cheetah Metapopulation Project that’s part of National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

Great White Shark Cage Diving South Africa

There’s no other feeling in the world like being face to face with a Great White shark, or two or three, in the cool ocean waters.

Gansbaai, South Africa is known as the Great White shark capital of the world and in this marine wonderland, it’s the safest place to see these apex predators in their natural environment by getting in a shark cage.

Researchers and travelers come to spend their days viewing sharks. If you’re looking for a travel adventure that will get your heart beating, cage diving with these massive sharks is the adventure for you.

You’ll also get an inside look at the conservation efforts and misconceptions about these feared sharks.

Great White Shark Diving FAQ

  • Country: South Africa
  • Adventure Type: Underwater & Wildlife Viewing
  • Start/End Location: Cape Town
  • Days Needed: 1 Day
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time of the year to view the Great White Sharks in South Africa is between June and September.

This is when the water visibility is the best and it is also when migrating sharks come to spend a few months.

Keep in mind every trip is different, this is wildlife viewing and it is possible to have great viewing throughout the whole year.

For anyone who is looking at marking off this adventure, we recommend doing it with an outfitter who is also leading the way in Great White Shark research.

The White Shark Diving Company offers a premium shark cage diving experience where you can get into a cage, but also spend some time volunteering as a research assistant.

Okavango Delta Sunrise Mokoro Canoe Botswana

Jump aboard a traditional mokoro canoe and explore one of Africa’s last great natural sanctuaries that’s home to vast concentrations of wildlife.

The Okavango Delta located in Botswana is like no other place in the world. You can expect exciting hippo encounters and adrenaline safaris on foot all led by your local guide.

On a canoe safari in the Okavango, your days will be spent poling through the water and on safari while your nights will be camping under a blanket of intense African stars.

Okavango Delta Canoe Safari FAQ

  • Country: Botswana
  • Adventure Type: Safari
  • Start/End Location: Maun
  • Days Needed: 2 to 5 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The Okavango Delta is a great place to visit year-round and the best time to visit the region is from June to August.

This is when the water is at its highest making it easy to navigate. Many animals migrate to the delta during this time of the year which also makes for great wildlife viewing.

Another popular time of the year is from September to October. This is when it’s considered the dry season and animals are easily sighted along its shorelines.

From November to April it’s the rainy season and is considered the best time for bird viewing.

It is possible to experience an Okavango Delta canoe safari on a variety of budgets. You have the option to bush camp, stay at a posh resort and everything in between.

There’s no right or wrong way, so make sure you book what is right for you. No matter what, you’re in for a good adventure.

We recommend the following tours:

Gelada Baboon Simien Mountains Ethiopia

Discover one of the best hiking destinations in the world, with endless jaw-dropping views and rare wildlife including Gelada Baboons, Wallia lbex and Ethiopian Wolves.

The Simien Mountains National Park is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site that sees few travelers due to its remoteness in northern Ethiopia.

For those travelers that do make it there, this travel adventure is truly amazing. There will be moments where you will be surrounded by 100’s of wild Gelada Baboons and there will be plenty of rest spots where you’ll say to yourself “the landscape looks to be taken right out of a painting”.

Read about our time trekking in the Simien Mountains here.

Simien Mountains Trekking FAQ

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Wildlife Viewing
  • Start/End Location: Gondor
  • Days Needed: 2 to 5 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to visit the Simien Mountains is from October to March for the best trekking conditions. This is when the mountains are verdant and very colorful.

From September to November the flowers are in full bloom following the rainy season so the wildlife will be out in force snacking away and it will make for some amazing photos during this time of the year.

For those looking to trek in the Simien Mountains, we suggest joining a 4-day trekking adventure that will show you the best of this area and include the best trails.

For those who are looking to enjoy more of the wonders in Ethiopia, in addition to the Simien Mountains, we suggest the 10 Day Discover Ethiopia trip with G Adventures.

Whitewater Rafting Zambezi River Zimbabwe Viator

The mighty Zambezi River, located below Victoria Falls, is one of the best white water rafting rivers in the world.

Rafting the Zambezi River offers a thrilling ride down class 3-5 rapids that any traveler can take on if they dare. No previous rafting experience is required and you’ll be accompanied by an experienced river guide.

On this day trip, you go with the flow as the Zambezi River snakes through a 100+ meter gorge where crocodiles are found sunbathing on the rocks.

You’ll take on rapids called Three Ugly Sisters, The Mother Surge and The Washing Machine, to name a few. It will be a wet and wild trip and a travel adventure that anyone visiting Africa should take on.

Rafting the Zambezi River FAQ

  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Adventure Type: Rafting
  • Start/End Location: Victoria Falls
  • Days Needed: 1 Day
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time to go white water rafting down the Zambezi River is split into two times, low water and high water during the year.

High water runs from February to July when you can raft the river from rapids 11 to 23.

Low water runs from July to mid-February when you can run between rapids 1 to 18. This is the more aggressive route and is extremely fun.

There are a few options for rafting the Zambezi River. Most travelers go on a full-day adventure that consists of six hours on the river and ends with a BBQ overlooking the gorge.

For those looking for more of an experience on this travel adventure, we suggest taking an overnight trip that consists of paddling during the day and sleeping on the shoreline at night. Those trips can range from two days, five days and eight days.

We recommend the following tours:

Ringtail Lemur in Madagascar

Madagascar is truly an amazing place to travel. This remote island offers a wide range of travel adventures from hiking through amazing landscapes to viewing its endemic wildlife.

One of the most popular animals in Madagascar is the wild Lemurs. Only found on this island, there is a wide variety of them to be found including Indri Lemurs, Borwn Lemurs, Lesser Bamboo Lemurs and even Dwarf Lemurs, to name a few.

Going on a wild Lemur safari is much more than just viewing them in the wild, you go out with an expert naturalist who teaches you about these amazing creatures and also shows you what life in Madagascar is really like.

Lemur Safari FAQ

  • Country: Madagascar
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Wildlife Viewing
  • Start/End Location: Antananarivo
  • Days Needed: 9 to 21 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 2/5

The best time to visit Madagascar is from April to mid-December but Madagascar is a year-round destination and you can view wild Lemurs year-round.

If you’re looking to photograph and experience the Lemurs at their best, we suggest visiting from October to November. This is when there are baby Lemurs everywhere.

Madagascar is filled with many bucket list travel adventures from viewing Lemurs in the wild to amazing beaches and epic hiking trails.

If you’re looking for a trip where you can experience the whole of Madagascar in addition to the lemurs, we suggest the 14 Day Highlights of Madagascar tour with G Adventures.

If your primary focus is only to view wildlife, we recommend a specialty tour that is wildlife focused. We recommend the Lemurs, Wildlife & Beaches Safari with Natural World Safaris.


Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are known as the Ghost of the Himalayas for a good reason. They’re near impossible to spot and almost just as hard to locate. Embarking on a trip to track this elusive creature is an adventure in and of itself.

We won’t lie, even with the employ of the best operators in India, you may still end up skunked. But don’t let this deter you, the experience will be worth it.

These trips take place in the far reaches of North India where you’ll spend 7-10 days in a high altitude, remote environment. You’ll spend your days tracking leopards and your downtime learning about the region.

Snow Leopard Tracking FAQ

  • Country: India
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Wildlife Viewing
  • Start/End Location: Ladakh
  • Days Needed: 7-10 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time to view wild snow leopards in India is from January to March.

This is when the snow leopard viewing is the best since the highest peaks tend to be warmer and the snow starts to melt or be free of snow at the elevations where the snow leopards live and hunt.

Just because there’s no snow does not mean it won’t be cold, though. Days during this period can be cold and nights can drop below -25C.

While in theory you could try to track snow leopards on your own, we strongly advise against this. The conditions are harsh and tracking elusive animals takes a lifetime of skill.

You should absolutely book a reputable company for this adventure.

We recommend the following tours:

Divergent Travelers at Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the most isolated nations in the world, second behind only North Korea. That said, it holds plenty of adventure for those that are willing to jump through the hoops to travel the country.

The best adventure is traveling deep into the Karakum Desert to be mesmerized by a massive gas spewing sink hole that was lit on fire by the Soviets in 1971 after a failed drilling operation.

There is a permanent yurt camp nearby operated by one of the top companies in the country. If you’re traveling overland along the Silk Road, it’s also possible to tent camp. Be sure to save some time to explore Ashgabat, the bizarre capital, during your trip too.

Gates of Hell FAQ

  • Country: Turkmenistan
  • Adventure Type: Camping/Glamping
  • Start/End Location: Ashgabat
  • Days Needed: 2 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 1/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to camp at the Gates of Hell is during the spring months of April to May and the fall months of September to early November.

The Darvaza Gas Crater is located in the middle of a desert and the region can be uncomfortably hot. 

From November – March, you can expect slightly cooler weather, clear skies and almost no other visitors.

It is not possible to visit the country of Turkmenistan without booking a tour with a government authorized operator. They will arrange your visas, documents and itinerary for your visit.

We recommend the following tours:


Azores Portgual

The Azores is an island group located in the Atlantic Ocean that is politically part of Portugal and Europe. Don’t let that fool you though, these islands are rustic natural wonderlands.

The Azores offer 86 marked trails covering more than 800km on 9 islands. To get the most time on the trails, head to Sao Miguel as it offers 28 trails. It is popular, however, to plan your trip across a couple different islands too.

The ultimate adventure is the 78km Great Route of Santa Maria (GR01SMA). It’s a medium-difficult hike that you’ll need at least 4 days to complete.

Hiking the Azores FAQ

  • Country: Portugal
  • Adventure Type: Hiking
  • Start Location: Ponta Delgada
  • End Location: Angra do Heroísmo
  • Days Needed: 7 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to hike in the Azores is June through August. During this time, temperatures are at their best, there are less cloudy days and fewer rain showers.

This is the only time you will get to experience the Azores at their finest with uninterrupted temperatures and views. Hikers can experience 70-degree daytime temps with little to no rain. This makes for comfortable hiking but also means it is the most popular time to visit the Azores.

Depending on the type of hiking and trip you are planning, you’ll want to weigh the pros/cons of independent travel vs booking a tour. There is no right answer, you’ll need to pick what is best for you.

For those looking to do a longer hike, independent is best. If you’re short on time and/or like the company of other hikers, then booking a tour is best.

We recommend the following tours:


Felucca boat in Aswan Egypt

Egypt is filled with many great travel adventures but one that transports travelers back in time to when the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs ruled the lands is taking a traditional Felucca trip on the Nile.

Known as a floating bed, a Felucca sailing trip is not like a normal cruise down the Nile River. It’s a journey that moves slowly showcasing everything between Aswan and Luxor.

Spend your day relaxing as the felucca moves you downriver, enjoy the sights that you can’t reach on those larger ships (along with having those popular sights to yourself), connect with locals along the shoreline, cool off in the waters of the Nile, all while sleeping under the stars.

Felucca Sailing Trip FAQ

  • Country: Egypt
  • Adventure Type: Sailing
  • Start Location: Aswan
  • End Location: Luxor
  • Days Needed: 2 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 2/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to go on a multi-day felucca trip on the Nile River in Egypt is between October and April.

During these months the weather is not too hot, meaning it will not be unpleasant while you are sailing.

Another good time to sail the Nile River in Egypt is in May or September, this is considered shoulder season.

We recommend the 8 Day Best of Egypt tour offered by G Adventures that hits all of the most popular places in 8 amazing days and also offers a multi-day felucca trip with a local family.

If you have more time, we suggest the 15-day Egypt & Jordan Adventure with G Adventures, which also offers a multi-day felucca trip down the Nile River.

If you plan to travel through Egypt independently, take a look at our in-depth Egypt itinerary for various lengths of stay.

Hot Air Balloon Luxor Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating place to visit and a bucket list trip for anyone. The historical sights are amazing to take in, but you haven’t seen anything until you hop into a hot air balloon basket and take a ride over the Valley of the Kings.

Soaring above the ground, slowly moving, looking down from the heavens upon one of Egypt’s largest historical areas is a travel adventure that every traveler who visits Luxor must do.

It will put everything into a whole new perspective. Read about our first experience (we’ve done it twice!) here.

Valley of the Kings Hot Air Balloon Ride FAQ

  • Country: Egypt
  • Adventure Type: Flight
  • Start/End Location: Luxor
  • Days Needed: 1 Day
  • Physical Difficulty: 1/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time to go on a hot air balloon flight over the Valley of the Kings is from September to November and February to April.

Tours are running all year round but during those months the views are the best due to less smog. Keep this in mind as you’re taking a hot air balloon flight over the Valley of the Kings for the views, right?

Looking for more advice on when to visit Egypt? We break it down by month in our Best Time to Visit Egypt guide.

We have done this adventure twice now and each time was amazing.

If you’re traveling independently or have already booked your Egypt trip and it does not include a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, we suggest booking in advance.

If you need advice for planning your Egypt itinerary, be sure to check out our personal advice here.

Alternatively, you can book a full itinerary tour of Egypt that includes the option for this adventure and many others.

We recommend the following tours:

sahara desert in Morocco

Travel this ancient path across Morocco that explorers and traders have been crossing for centuries on an epic camel ride across the Sahara Desert.

Sleep under the stars at a remote Berber camp where you’ll spend a memorable night learning and listening to stories.

Watch as the sand dunes change colors as the sun rises over the endless edges of sand as your camel train makes its way across the ridgelines. It’s truly a mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime.

Read about our experience here.

Sahara Camel Safari FAQ

  • Country: Morocco
  • Adventure Type: Remote camping
  • Start/End Location: Merzouga
  • Days Needed: 2 to 5 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 4/5

The best time to go on a camel safari adventure in the Sahara Desert is from March to May and from September to November.

This is when you can avoid the extreme heat and you will also miss experiencing the chilling night temperatures.

Camel trekking tours are run throughout the whole year but believe us you don’t want to feel the desert’s heat.

Morocco is a fascinating country and going on a camel trek in the Sahara Desert is just one of the many great travel adventures it offers.

It also offers a rich cultural heritage. That’s why we recommend that you book a broader tour of the country that also includes a camel safari.

We recommend the following tour:

Petra by Night in Jordan

If you love to be off the beaten path, like we do, you are going to love this adventure. Just imagine taking a trip across Jordan more than 2,000 years ago twisting and winding across the beautiful red rock landscape ending at an impressive city surrounded by cliffs.

Why not follow that ancient path to Petra instead of taking the over-touristed front door route?

Discover lost sights as you hike Petra’s backdoor while following the Jordan Trail and sleeping under the stars with your local guide.

Trek Petra Back Door FAQ

  • Country: Jordan
  • Adventure Type: Hiking & Camping
  • Start/End Location: Dana to Petra
  • Days Needed: 6 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to trek Petra’s back door is from March to May or from September to November.

This is when hiking weather is the best in Jordan. The days are warm and not too hot. The nights are cool but very pleasant.

Read more about the When to Visit Jordan.

The official “Petra’s Back Door Trek” is one of the best hikes in the world and we suggest doing this hike with Experience Jordan.

We recommend the following tour:

If you’d like to spend more time in Jordan before or after your hike, be sure to check out our Ultimate Jordan Itinerary.

skydiving in Dubai

There’s plenty of great places around the world to Skydive but one of the best for amazing views is over Dubai.

In the Middle East, you can experience this 13,000-foot heart dropping free-fall with some of the best views of the iconic Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian desert below you.

It’s a skydiving experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

Skydive in Dubai FAQ

  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Adventure Type: Skydiving
  • Start/End Location: Dubai
  • Days Needed: 1 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 5/5

The best time to skydive in Dubai is all year round. That’s one of the magical things about their destination, unlike other places in the world that are often dependent on seasons.

We suggest booking this travel adventure right with Sky Dive Dubai.

They offer a wide range of jump packages. We also always go with the photo package and so should you! 


Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina

Located in the very southern part of South America, Patagonia is an adventurers paradise. Stretching across both Argentina and Chile, with the Andes Mountains splitting the region, you’ll find some of the best hiking in the world here.

In Argentina, you’ll want to head for El Chalten and set off on the Basecamps Trek. This hike offers the famed Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and views of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field. You need a minimum of 5 days for this trek and can easily extend it to see more.

In Chile, you’ll want to consider the famous W Trek or its big brother, the O Trek. The W requires 5 days and hits the major highlights of the area. The O trek offers the W with a 3-5 day extension into the backcountry.

Patagonia Trekking FAQ

  • Country: Argentina and Chile
  • Adventure Type: Hiking
  • Start/End Location: El Chalten or Puerto Natales
  • Days Needed: 5 – 12 Days
  • Physical Difficulty: 3/5
  • Mental Difficulty: 3/5

The best time to go hiking in Patagonia is from October to early March. That is when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. This is also the high season and hikers arrive in droves to take on this top travel adventure.

The shoulder seasons from September to November and March to May offer way fewer hikers and lower hotel rates but you’ll need to be vigilant and well-prepared to enjoy your trip. You’ll experience the notorious winds and temperamental weather.

It is winter from June to August in Patagonia and hiking during this time of the year is not recommended.

Plenty of people flock to both Argentina and Chile to hike independently. This can be a good option if you’re going out for day hikes or shorter hikes near the front country. All camping arrangements should be made at least a season in advance.

For those looking to do a longer hike or wanting to head into the backcountry, you absolutely should hire an operator that offers a competent mountain guide.

We recommend the following tours:

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