16 Sahara Desert Pictures That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

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The desert is a place of beauty, mystery, and wonder that captivates adventurers all around the World. These Sahara Desert pictures clearly show why it has been on my bucket list since I was 15 and now that I have been there, it still feels like it was all just a dream.

Our trip to the Sahara consisted of crossing the Atlas Mountains from Rabat, staying overnight in the Berber village of Midelt and then making the last push to the very edge of the desert at Merzouga in Morocco.

This location is roughly 50km from the border of Algeria and the desert provides a pretty stable border between the two countries.

We hopped on some camels and trekked over an hour into the sweltering hot sand before reaching a Berber camp where we played in the sand, watched the sunset, ate a traditional meal, sat at a campfire and slept under the stars.

This allowed us a very up close and personal experience with the wonder of the Sahara Desert and ample opportunities for me to capture photos of this amazing part of the World.

Despite my camera battery dying from the heat and being without a camera for most of the ride back to Merzouga the last day, the memories of this trip will be forever etched in my mind.

It is hard to explain to someone what it is like to be in the middle of an actual desert. By actual desert, I mean one with sand dunes the size of mountains and no sight of anything else but that sand insight.

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So I have put together a collection of some of my best Sahara Desert photos from our time spent in the desert. Looking at them, I can see that it is amazing, as you will too, but they really don’t communicate the true power and awe-inspiring shock you get when you see it in person.

Regardless, I am excited to share a part of this experience with you.

I know some of you may look at these and just see sand but you need to look at them and see actually see them. Look at the way the dunes are shaped, how they change, how they move, how the light shines on them and then think about how that makes you feel.

Think of the power they hold and how mesmerizing it must have been for us to see this in person.

Sahara Desert Pictures: Let these Transport You to Morocco

Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
1. Wind waves across the dunes


Sahara Desert Pictures Merzouga Morocco
2. Sun setting behind the highest sand dune peak near the camp


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
3. Dung Beetle stalking us in the sand


Camel reflections in the Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
4. Camel reflections across the desert sand


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
5. Sandhills and rolling dunes


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
6. Moroccan Berber men leading the camel trek


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
7. Nothing but orange sand and blue sky on the horizon


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
8. Sunrise over the Sahara Desert with camels watching


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
9. Intense midday sun over the sand


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
10. The string of camels with reflection en-route to Berber Camp


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
11. Ridges in the sand dunes


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
12. Climbing the dunes near the camp for sandboarding


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
13. The strong early morning sun peeking over the dunes


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
14. Rolling waves of sand


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
15. Midday glow over the infinite sand dunes


Sahara Desert Merzouga Morocco
16. The ever-changing facade of the Sahara Desert


Welcome back and I hope the Sahara Desert pictures have inspired you to add Morocco and the Sahara Desert to your bucket list.

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  1. Very great photography, but the Morocco men leading the camels and the sunrise as Sahara are outclass. Why we didn’t see you in any of the picture?

  2. Incredible pictures. I have always had a fascination with deserts – I never tire of looking at the dunes, and the sand. You reminded me that I should put the Sahara on my bucket list!

    • Thank you Claudia! It is an amazing place to visit and I can highly recommend to anyone that likes a good adventure.


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