Best Time to Visit Jordan: Month by Month Breakdown

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With its ancient history and hospitable culture, Jordan is one of the most popular destinations to travel to in the Middle East. 

In Jordan, you can visit the iconic ruins of Petra, you can hike through desert landscapes or you can even go diving in the Red Sea. But given the country’s location within Arabia, picking the best time to visit Jordan is important if you want the best travel experience. 

Summer, between June and August, can be unbearably hot in Jordan, while conversely, some areas can become frigidly cold in the winter, between December and February.

Most travelers choose to visit in spring, between March and May, or in autumn, between September and November. This is when the weather is at its most pleasant, but of course, that also means that spring and autumn are peak season. 

Being a Muslim nation, you may also want to factor in Ramadan when deciding the best time to visit Jordan, although this varies year by year.

Diving is better at different times of the year, as is the hiking too. To help you plan your trip, here’s our guide on picking the best time to visit Jordan! 

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Best Time to Visit Jordan: Month by Month Breakdown

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in January 

January is the middle of winter in Jordan, and while you might at first think that this isn’t such a problem given the Middle Eastern location, this is in fact a country that experiences vast extremes of weather. 

In fact, the capital Amman can be bitterly cold, given its relatively high altitude, and the city occasionally sees snowfall. The desert regions, while they might be perfect to explore during the day in January, become equally cold at night once the sun has dropped.

January though is a good time to go hiking, and a good time to visit Petra, when things aren’t quite so busy at this iconic Jordanian attraction. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in February 

February is the last winter month, and it can be the best time to visit Jordan before the rush of spring begins. Temperatures are starting to rise again and things are heating up in the desert and along the Red Sea.

Around Aqaba, the popular diving and beach resort area, they are already seeing average temperatures rising into the 20s, while in Amman, it’s considerably colder.

Head to Petra or Wadi Rum to see these sights without the spring crowds, but take warm clothes to wrap up in at night time. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in March 

March is when spring begins, and in terms of the weather, it can easily be the best time to visit Jordan. The country is heating up and in the desert and along the coast it’s very much getting warmer, with highs approaching the 30 degrees Celsius mark. 

This is a great time to be in Amman and to enjoy both good weather and great culture. Petra and Wadi Rum are starting to get busy though, as tour groups begin to arrive and tourist numbers rise.

If you want to go hiking in Jordan, weather conditions are optimal in March, while the country’s nature and wildlife are starting to bloom beautifully. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in April 

April can be particularly busy, especially at famed tourist spots such as Petra, but that’s because April is the best time to visit Jordan to experience the country’s best nature and best attractions. 

The weather is great, and it’s still not summer, so temperatures are pleasant yet not overbearing. Amman is now seeing temperatures in the 20s, while Aqaba in the Red Sea is regularly well above 30 degrees Celsius. 

In the western world, April usually means it’s the Easter holidays, and this can bring in lots of visitors from Europe or North America looking to not only make the most of their holiday time but to enjoy the warm climate of Jordan. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in May

May is when the climate begins to transition from spring into summer and you can rest assured that it’s going to be hot in Jordan. 

It’s still not overbearing though and given the wildlife and nature on show, this can be the best time to visit Jordan if you’re interested in hiking or scuba diving. 

This is a great time to visit Aqaba on the Red Sea as temperatures are high, and you can really enjoy the beaches. If you’re diving or snorkeling, then the visibility is perfect and as summer approaches, the currents and conditions are much calmer than in winter. 

In May, wildflowers are blooming everywhere in Jordan, and it’s a beautiful time to strap on the hiking boots and to hit the trails in search of Jordanian flora and fauna. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in June 

June is the start of summer, and it’s not necessarily the best time to visit Jordan, because this is when things really start to heat up. 

Compared to July, June is colder, of course, but conditions are still verging on the unpleasant, especially if you aren’t used to hot temperatures. It’s incredibly dry in June though, and there’s no humidity and no chance of rain. 

While you won’t want to be hiking, June is great for scuba diving and snorkeling, as visibility is only getting better in the Red Sea, and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the underwater world before relaxing the rest of your day away along the beautiful coastline. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in July 

July is the height of summer, and things can be really hot all through the month. If you’re looking for cool weather, this is most definitely not the best time to visit Jordan, and if you aren’t used to temperatures breaking the 40 degree Celsius barrier than its best to stay away. 

Given the oppressive heat though, Jordan is quiet in July and if you brave the high temperatures you’ll find that usually crowded locations such as the ruins at Petra are actually quite quiet this time of the year. You can score good deals on flights and tours too because this is low season across the country. 

Head to the coast for more great scuba diving, but make sure you book a hotel with a swimming pool or one that’s right by the beach so you can cool off in the water! 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in August 

In August, it’s still incredibly hot across Jordan with temperatures hovering between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius depending on your location. 

Again, this is still low season, and if you can beat the heat then you can score some excellent package deals and tours, and if you are on a budget, it can be the best time to visit Jordan. 

Like the rest of summer, August is great for scuba diving, and given the heat, the water is always the best place to be in Jordan when the sun is out. 

The desert and Wadi Rum are popular places to visit for budding astronomers, as in August, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower can be seen. With dark skies, Jordan is a wonderful place to experience this natural phenomenon. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in September 

From September onwards, temperatures begin to drop slowly as the country transitions to autumn. This is the start of peak season again, as given the colder climes it’s a great time to travel to Jordan.

It’s still very hot though, compared to winter, so be prepared to deal with the sun, particularly at midday. For divers, September is often seen as the best time to visit Jordan, because the Red Sea has the best visibility of any time of the year.

You can see far into the depths because the water is crystal clear, as there has been no rain or runoff from the coast for months by now. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in October 

October can be the best time to visit Jordan if you are looking to go hiking, or simply to sightsee, as you can enjoy the wonderful weather of autumn when it’s not too hot and not too cold. 

It’s very busy this time of year, but it’s great if you want to visit Wadi Rum and explore the deserts, as you can enjoy the sights and walk around attractions without working up too much of a sweat. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in November

November is the start of winter in Jordan, and it’s very much a shoulder month when it comes to tourism. You can expect a little rainfall as the month progresses while the nights can be very cold, especially in the desert.

It’s a good time to avoid the high season crowds but to also enjoy hot weather during the day, and it’s the last chance to really go scuba diving on the coast before the water gets colder and the visibility decreases once the rain starts to fall in heavier amounts. 

Best time to visit Jordan

Visiting Jordan in December 

December can be rainy and cold, and it’s often not a popular time of the year to visit Jordan. In Amman, temperatures drop drastically as you enter the dead of winter and in the desert, night time is a frigid affair. 

It can still be warmer here than many countries in the northern hemisphere, especially Europe and North America, and if you head to the coast then you can enjoy some winter sun over the Christmas period, although this is a holiday that isn’t celebrated here of course. 

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