The Best GoPro Accessories for Adventure Travel

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Finding the best GoPro accessories can be hard and it’s even harder to figure out which ones are going to work for you. Trust me, I know because throughout our adventures I’ve traveled with every series of GoPro that has hit the market.

This includes two GoPro 4+ Silver,  two GoPro Hero 5, two GoPro 6, GoPro Hero7 Black and now a GoPro8. We were one of the first travel bloggers using a GoPro daily on all of our adventures.

Man, that was years ago and things have changed. Nowadays every traveler has a GoPro.

Having traveled with these cameras for the past years, I’ve learned what GoPro accessories work for traveling and which ones do not.

So to save you time and money, I’m sharing my wisdom with you and have put together this list of my go-to GoPro accessories kit.

This is not a list of junk, it’s stuff I use day in and day out. I’m always looking for good GoPro equipment that will work with whatever adventure I’m on.

The gear must take my abuse, as Lina would tell you I’m abusive to my gear while I’m traveling.

But who isn’t?  Here’s a list of GoPro accessories every adventure traveler needs that we have used, abused and lasted years of full travel.

The Best GoPro Accessories

GoPro Sticky Mounts

GoPro sticky mount on car

Sticky mounts are a must-have accessory for any GoPro user. They cost near to nothing but they are worth their weight in gold when you need them. I prefer the ones made by 3M because they hold strong, no matter what you stick them to.

This allows you to put your GoPro pretty much anywhere. I’ve stuck mine on kayaks, helmets, cars, rafts, bikes, windows and front bumpers.

Every time they stay mounted, no matter the activity. Just simply peel the back and stick the mount anywhere. Needless to say, we carry a huge supply of these during our travels.

GoPro Tripod Mounts

GoPro sample shots

Tripod mounts allow you to mount your GoPro to any tripod with a thread. This is an accessory that is hard to find good quality.

Making the mistake of buying a cheap one will leave you disappointed when it breaks the first time you use it. Trust me, I know.

Luckily for you, I’ve finally found one that is constructed right, with good materials and made to outlast your adventures. Check out this GoPro Tripod Mounts today.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro shot while kayaking

If you are looking to mount your GoPro to the side of your 4×4 or even your rental car to capture your epic adventure, we have found the best suction cup mount on the market. This GoPro travel accessory has been around the world and back 100 times.

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount) compact suction mount has lasted the test of time. It holds great to windows and car hoods without fear of it coming off.

I can’t say enough about how important it is to buy a quality item. You want it to work and you want it to last, so don’t go cheap as you’ll just end up with junk.

This suction mount is compatible with all lightweight cameras and the suction cup is commercial strength for secure placement.

It has two locking pivot points that give you the full range of motion so you can capture any angle. One other great thing to mention is the safety tether system that’s included.

GoPro Safety Leash

Best GoPro Accessories

Who wants to lose their GoPro while on an adventure? All of that footage can go down the drain within seconds, not to mention losing your camera. It happens more than you think while traveling.

So it goes without saying that a safety leash is a must-have item.

We never leave our GoPro mounted on anything, without a safety leash attached to it and anchored somewhere.

While the GoPro is made for adventure and can survive some pretty amazing incidents, it’s a hard lesson to learn if your mount comes loose and you lose your camera.

GoPro Backpack Strap Mount Quick Clip

It took me years to break down and buy a backpack strap mount for my GoPro’s. I don’t know why I waited so long for this travel accessory.

You would not believe the times I’ve used this little guy while hiking. It is an item that doesn’t cost much and every traveler should have one.

It’s basic, it clamps onto a backpack strap and swivels 360 degrees to whatever angle you want. It works with all GoPro models.

The clamp locks down hard so there’s never fears of your GoPro slipping off the backpack strap. I’ve had my GoPro Karma Grip mounted on this little guy and it’s held it without issue for many hours of hiking.

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

GoPro shot while kayaking

If you are going to buy one item from this list and nothing else, t it needs to be the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp. I use this GoPro accessory all the time on our travels. It is so nice to be able to just clamp it and go. Mine has been clamped everywhere.

The optional neck adjusts to enable a variety of shooting angles and the GoPro can be attached directly to the clamp for low-profile mounting. It has a quick-release base making it easy to move the GoPro between different mounts and locations.

I’ve made the mistake of buying the cheap ones on Amazon before and they break easily. It is worth spending the money and going with the GoPro brand flex clamp instead. 

Joby Gorillapod

GoPro shot on a festival

The Joby Gorillapod is my go-to travel tripod for my GoPro and should be an accessory you carry if you plan on doing time-lapses. It’s easy to use and it can level off on any ground surface.

This is important because we all know the time that goes into correcting crooked film.

Simply bend the legs and place the tripod. Another way I use this little guy is by bending its legs around a pole or railing.

It’s a great all-around tripod and is way easy to use. It’s lightweight and is constructed well for the outdoors.

Trigger Pole for GoPro 5, 6, 7 & 8

using GoPro underwater

It never fails when I’m traveling people ask about our trigger system. Mostly because it looks cool, but also because most people have never seen one before. The Trigger Pole is a simple trigger system so you will never miss a shot.

All you will have to do is the point, pull that trigger and that’s it. Sure beats reaching up and missing the moment. The handle is one of the best on the market for one-handed camera control for epic selfies.

It’s a solid pole and is made well. There is no remote control or batteries needed, just install your GoPro and go. 

GoPro Dome 

GoPro underwater shot

Have you ever wondered how people get those epic over-under photos? The ones of someone swimming under the water with an island above?

Well, it is not by lining your GoPro up just right, instead, it’s by using an over-under dome.

Simply put, the dome pushes the water away from the GoPro so you can get that split shot. There is an easy line that allows you to level it off in the water and then you can shoot away. The dome can go up to 135 feet below the water.

It’s made of marine-grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum that allows it to take any harsh abuse you can throw at it.

The full setup with the trigger pole and the Dome is a must-have travel accessory for any adventure traveler who has a GoPro. 

Anti-Fog Inserts

GoPro shot while diving

These handy little items can be inserted into GoPro underwater cases or into any GoPro Dome to prevent condensation. The biggest thing to note is that they are not just helpful for underwater shooting.

There have been many times we’ve had our GoPro in a cooled environment and then walked outside into the heat and had to deal with fog.

For a long time, I thought these were unnecessary until we started shooting a lot with the GoPro dome setup. Now the GoPro Anti-fog inserts are a must-have in our GoPro accessories kit and we don’t go anywhere without them.

With climate control issues, like leaving air conditioning into the heat, you can usually take some time to let the camera acclimatize to clear the fogging. But there is no guarantee it won’t affect your photos. If you want to use a GoPro Dome, these are priceless for clear shots.

GoPro Stick – GoPro Pole

best GoPro accessories

Every traveler needs a good GoPro extender pole. This is probably one of the best ones I’ve ever had. With so many on the market, it’s hard to find one that will last.

We tested and found one that will. This stick has been everywhere with us and it will not die, no matter how hard we abuse it.

For us, it was important to get one we can use in and out of the water. Most people do not think of buying a pole that is saltwater tested but it is important if you’re going to be in the water with your stick.

Size also matters. This one extends from 12-39 inches, which is long enough to reach eels faces while scuba diving or to use as a golf club when fending off wild monkeys charging at you.

This GoPro stick also has aluminum parts, not plastic like most of the extender poles out there.

It has an aluminum shaft with aluminum thumbscrews. At the bottom of the stick, there is a screw hole where you can mount the stick to any tripod mount.

This is a cool little feature where you can turn this into a full tripod. This stick also comes with an adaptor to work with other cameras and smartphones.

GoPro Trek Camera Adapter for Hiking Poles

Best GoPro Accessories

Sometimes you just don’t have the room for a selfie stick. Especially when you’re hiking in remote locations.

Before this item, Lina and I would never get photos of us hiking together. this device enables us to turn our hiking poles into a selfie stick.

The adapter fastens to most hiking poles and also adjusts for use with smartphones, GoPros, and lightweight cameras. Slip it over the end of your hiking pole and you’re ready to rock and roll.

GoPro Karma Grip – GoPro Gimbal

GoPro Accessories

I don’t know how I traveled without a GoPro Karma gimble unit. I can’t go anywhere without this nowadays. It is a must-have for anyone who is shooting video with a GoPro camera while traveling. It will bring your filming to a whole new level.

Capture amazingly smooth shake-free video with this little guy. It has built-in camera controls that allow you to turn the unit on quickly to capture the moment.

It works with all GoPros with different harnesses, it comes stock with the one for the HERO7/HERO6/HERO5 Black. The difference it has made to the quality of our GoPro footage is unbelievable and we wouldn’t travel without it.

GoPro Bite Grip

Best GoPro Accessories for travel

Have you ever tried surfing or standup paddleboarding with a selfie stick or maybe a GoPro head mount? I have and it does not work well, however, there is a solution.

A Bite Grip works well for those times you are playing in the water but need your hards.

The long arm tether allows you to take the grip out of our mouth and film yourself in your hand as well. If you wipe out, the tether also has your back.

It’s a weird device that takes some time to get used to is but it has easy breathing vents that allow you to breathe comfortably. It’s a must for surfers, skaters, paddle boarders, and boogie boarders.

GoPro Lens Filters

Best GoPro Accessories

This is a GoPro accessory that is for the more advanced user. PolarPro filters are a must for traveling and I don’t go anywhere without one on.

They are easy to use, you just slip it over the GoPro lens and go. There are many options for adding filters to your GoPro but these are the ones that have not only lasted during our travels but produced the best quality.

They come in a 3 pack with a polarizer, neutral density filter, and ND8 filter. These filters are designed for above-water use.

I’ve used the underwater filters before and I was not impressed. They are made out of real glass, not plastic.

Energizer Solar Battery Charger 

Best GoPro Accessories for travel

This is yet another must-have GoPro accessory for the more advanced traveler. The portable solar battery charger is one of the best solar charging units out on the market. This unit works great for charging your GoPro when you don’t have basic power.

I’ve used it on overnight camping trips where we’ve had no access to power and also on long hiking trips, where it charged my GoPro and power hubs while hiking.

They are 100% weather resistant and are easy to use. It is designed to hang anywhere, and it does with 4 metal rivets on all corners of the solar panel that allows you to secure the device with strings, bungees, zip ties, etc.

One huge benefit to the solar panel chargers is that they pack down into a size of a piece of paper and they don’t weigh a lot. This makes them great for traveling and a must-have item for anyone heading off the grid but still wants to power their GoPro’s or Cameras.

More Practical GoPro Accessories

Best GoPro accessories

Happy GoPro Travels!

Best GoPro Accessories Divergent Travelers

None of these items come with a GoPro camera but are worth their weight in gold when it comes to capturing great photos and videos during your travels.

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Best GoPro Accessories


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