Best GoPro Filters: Top 5 + How to Choose the Right Ones

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The GoPro has become essential on every outdoor adventure lover’s packing list. These lightweight indestructible high-quality cameras give you the ability to capture every moment of your exploits with stunning accuracy and precision.

From the mountaintops to the depths of the seas these great little gadgets are taking personal video and photography to places only professionals could go before. But that is not to say that a GoPro can’t be improved upon.

This is where figuring out the best GoPro filters come in. These simple clip-on attachments can brighten up your videos of the ocean floor, decrease glare in the brightest of sun, give you a spark of creativity and make even the most minute details shine through.

The problem is figuring out which GoPro filter is best for your favorite outdoor activity. Here are a few of the most popular filters and how they work best.  

Top 5 GoPro Filters

Best GoPro FiltersPolar Pro Macro Lens
-Glass push-on design lens
-Rounded shape to reduce focal point
-Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
-Secure push on design
Check Price
Best GoPro Filters ND Filter Kit
-2-5 F-stop filtration
-Lens cleaner
-Protective case
-Excessively light weight
- Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
Check Price
Best GoPro FiltersGoPro Dive Filter Magenta
-Comes with carrying bag
-Camera tether
-Optical grade glass
- Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
Check Price
Best GoPro FiltersPolar Pro Polarizer GoPro Filter
-Low profile appearance
-Glass lens
- Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
-Increases color saturation
Check Price
Best GoPro FiltersPolar Pro Red GoPro Filter
-Lifetime Guarantee
-Push on design
-Depth range 10-80 feet
- Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
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Quick Answer: Best GoPro Filters

How to Choose the Best GoPro Filters

Red GoPro Filters

Ocean photo shot with a GoPro & a red filter

If you are going on vacation in the Caribbean, want to go diving in tropical oceans or take in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia a red GoPro filter would be a great investment.

These filters will allow you to get the most out of your pictures and videos while spending time under bright blue waters.

The way the filter works is pretty simple. When you go diving in these conditions, red is the first color on the spectrum to be lost. This causes your images to display as washed out and dull.

Once the light starts fading your GoPro’s white balance metering will begin overcompensating throwing off the contrasts and details thereby diminishing the vibrancy.

The red filter color corrects these issues allowing you to more effectively capture more realistic and beautiful images.

Neutral Density GoPro Filters

Lina and David Stock jr in Easter Island - shot on a GoPro with at Neutral Density Filter

One of the best parts about GoPro is its ability to take great photos and videos while maintaining a compact size and lightweight. This makes it a go-to item for all forms of outdoor enthusiasts.

However, you may find that the epic landscapes you encounter are not showing up as accurate as you hoped through the GoPro. A Neutral Density or ND filter may be able to help.

ND filters work by cutting down the amount of light that is able to reach the camera’s sensor. By cutting down a few stops, this filter will help prevent overexposing and too high of highlights when shooting in sunny environments.

This will help you get that perfect shot from the top of a mountain to a gorgeous sun-filled valley.

Another fun attribute of the ND filter is its ability to capture at much slower shutter speeds making for smoother time-lapse and spot metering shots. You can also slap on the filter before mounting your GoPro to your car to create awesome motion blur pictures and videos.

Polarizing GoPro Filters

Hiking trail in NC - Photographed with a GoPro & Polarizing Filter

A GoPro Polarizing filter is similar to the ND filter as it helps with the destruction of light that can harm your pictures and video.

It is very helpful when trying to capture those epic landscape photos by reducing glare and adding a more accurate saturation that gives you more contrast when shooting in ultra-bright settings.

Where this filter strongly differs from the ND filter is its ability to also reduce haze on rainy or humid days. This will help clouds to appear sharper and your contrasts to pop even in the grayest surroundings.

This makes it a great accessory to always have in your GoPro bag for changing weather conditions. If you are wondering if it will help your images just snap a couple of shots with it off and another with it on to see!

Macro GoPro Filters

GoPro Macro Filter photo

The Macro GoPro filter is about more than just improving image quality. It also allows for more fun and creativity in your images. This filter is meant to dial-in the notoriously wide lens shots typical of a GoPro and allows you to get up close and personal with your subjects.

This filter is basically like a zoom lens for your camera which allows you to capture the intricate details of flowers, leaves and other foliage on land and seaweed, coral and plants from under the water.

It accomplishes this by reducing the camera’s focal point from wide to thin. This filter is great for those that want to get multiple angles and details to make for a more compelling video while also maintaining the benefits of using a GoPro.

Magenta GoPro Filters

GoPro photo with a Magenta Filter

Like the Red GoPro filter the magenta filter meant to correct the colors that become skewed when filming underwater. Specifically, the magenta filter works best when shooting in clear waters such as freshwater lakes and conservatory reservoirs.

They turn the single or similar color tones of the various greens into the vibrant and contrasting colors that your eyes are picking up as you swim.

This GoPro filter is often used for people that want to get great shots of shipwrecks, underwater caverns or cenotes. These filters are also a great choice if you are planning a trip to go diving in the freshwater lakes of Europe or Canada.

A Few Considerations

Overunder photo taken with a GoPro with GoPro filters

Now that you know some of the basics behind the most popular GoPro filters there are a few more things to consider before you buy. First, you should always make sure that the filter you decide on not only fits the GoPro model you have but also the housing that you might want to fit it into.

Many of these are designed to fit perfectly, so they aren’t interchangeable between old and new models.

Another thing you may want to consider if you use your GoPro often in multiple settings would be to get a starter kit. This is a more economical option than buying individual filters and gives you more range straight out of the gate.

Lastly, have fun! Play with different colors and options. Test how they change not only the picture but also your perspective! This is a great way to get multiple perspectives from one single shot, and they don’t always have to be overly realistic.

Best GoPro Filters Recommendations

GoPro Dive Filter Magenta

GoPro Dive Filter Magenta

You know a filter is of good quality when it is an official GoPro Accessory. That is probably why this magenta filter fits like a with its easy clip-on installation. This filter has a great diving range of 15-70 feet and its optical grade glass makes sure you receive the maximum clarity from any shoot.

Also, this filter fits directly to the dive housing making a more secure fit preventing bubbles when you head underwater.


  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Camera tether
  • Optical grade glass
  • Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8

Check GoPro Dive Filter Magenta price at Amazon

PolarPro Macro Lens

PolarPro Macro Lens

This exceptional lens that was specifically engineered for the GoPro is the top of the line option among macro lenses. Its crystal-clear glass lens will allow for razor-sharp close-up shots bringing your subjects to life across any screen.

This filter will allow you to release your inner creative making both in the water and on land.


  • Glass push-on design lens
  • Rounded shape to reduce focal point
  • Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
  • Secure push on design

Check PolarPro Macro Lens price at Amazon

PolarPro Polarizer GoPro Filter

PolarPro Polarizer GoPro Filter

The PolarPro Polarizer is one of the most highly recommended polarizing filters you can buy. They work perfectly to reduce the haze or light reflections from the environment whether you are hiking, snowboarding or boating giving you beautiful video and photos every time.

It has a crystal-clear optics and scratch-resistant exterior which prevents even minor impurities from taking over your images.


  • Low profile appearance
  • Glass lens
  • Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8
  • Increases color saturation

Check PolarPro Polarizer GoPro Filter price at Amazon

Freewell ND Filter Kit

Freewell ND Filter Kit

The Freewell ND filter kit gives you 4 levels of ND filtration in one kit for varying levels of light. These filters are meant to provide you with the best photography experience during normal daylight hours without breaking the bank.

They have a simple snap-on design, a high-end double-sided multilayer coating on optical glass for HD quality videos.


  • 2-5 F-stop filtration
  • Lens cleaner
  • Protective case
  • Excessively light weight
  • Can be used on Hero5 Black, GoPro Karma Drone, Hero5 camera & GoPro Gimbal, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8

Check Freewell ND Filter Kit price at Amazon

PolarPro Red GoPro Filter

PolarPro Red GoPro Filter

The PolarPro red filter will meet all of your blue water needs whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving. It has a large depth range, meaning it can be used from 10 to 80 feet.

It is sturdy and easy to snap on, attaching directly to the camera housing and is fairly affordable considering its brand name and quality.   


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Push on design
  • Depth range 10-80 feet
  • Can be found for Hero3+, Hero4, Hero6, Hero7, Hero 8

Check PolarPro Red GoPro Filter price at Amazon

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