Choosing the Best Camera Strap: Know Your Options

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It may seem silly to put too much thought into what goes into choosing the best camera strap, but we are here to tell you that it is not. The first and foremost reason is because that is the one accessory keeping your expensive equipment from falling and breaking into a thousand pieces.

It is also a way to keep your hands free when you are not shooting without setting down your camera and forgetting it. Besides that, some camera straps just look cool! They can be a fashionable accessory in any shooting situation putting your best style foot forward whether you want to impress clients or just your friends.

So, what goes into making the perfect camera strap for you? Well, there is more to it than you might think. Here are some of the variables to consider before upgrading your camera strap.  

Top 5 Camera Straps

Best Camera StrapsBlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera Strap
-Cross-Body Strap
-Spring Loaded Bumper Locks for Camera
-Dual Harness with Second Strap
-Locking Carabiner
-Stabilizing Strap
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Best Camera StrapsALA TOP Handmade Leather Camera Strap
-Two camera connection options
-Ultra grip technology lining
-Unique top flap to keep strap flat
-Soft padding for long shooting sessions
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Best Camera StrapsThink Tank Photo Camera Strap V2.0
-Fits any device with hard points for a shoulder strap
-Non slip material on both sides
-Metal ring attachment points
-55" length
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Best Camera StrapsCapturing Couture Scarf Strap
-Fashionable & Comfortable
-Soft Jersey fabric
-20" wide & 30" long
-Customized metal logo rivets
-Velvet end detailing
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Best Camera StrapsTrueSHOT Camera Strap
-Comfortable Stretch Neoprene
-Dual quick release buckles
-Memory card storage pockets
-Non slip surface design
-Durable reinforced stitching
-Can expand from 38" to 58"
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Quick Answer: Best Camera Straps

How to Choose the Best Camera Strap

Best Camera Strap


The configuration of a camera strap is simply where the camera hangs from your body, and luckily there is a multitude of choices. Each option is going to be based primarily on personal preference, so it is good to know what they are before settling for the standard neck strap.

Sling strap

A sling strap gets its name from being able to be slung over your shoulder. The straps are long and adjustable giving them the ability to fit almost any size and shape of a person easily. These widely popular camera straps are great for those that want to get the pressure off of their necks and have it be more evenly dispersed over the body.

Double camera strap

The double camera straps take the sling strap a step further by crisscrossing over both shoulders. These straps are primarily used by wedding photographers that are carrying the weight of two cameras all day. The cameras clip to the bottom of the straps at the sides of your hips, allowing for a range of motion and great weight distribution.

Hand strap

The hand strap is a great choice for those that want to take the excess weight off their neck and shoulders. These straps are adjustable to multiple hand sizes with Velcro or loops and allow you to have a full range of motion without worrying you are going to sling your camera into something. The only downside is you lose the ability to use both hands when you aren’t shooting.

Holster strap

The holster style strap gives you the hands-free ability like many other straps but also moves the weight from your shoulders and neck to your hip. It is perfect for those that can’t handle the extra pressure on their upper body but still want secure quick access.

The connection clip on these straps tends to be extremely secure to prevent breaking or dropping and you have the choice to carry a camera on each hip. The only problem with these straps is they can be a bit more expensive and may cause you to smack your camera on objects when working in tight spaces.

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The material used in your camera strap plays three key roles including comfort, aesthetics and of course durability. Materials can range anywhere from a scarf to the toughest of leather.

That is why it important to understand the pros and cons of each, so you can find the best camera strap material to suit you.


Nylon is probably the most used camera strap in the photography genre. They often come standard when you buy your camera and are extremely affordable when bought aftermarket.

This material is also often used in combination with other materials to make a variety of configurations. Nylon is fairly durable and can last you a long time if taken care of properly.

It will do the trick when you are starting out but can often become uncomfortable when worn over long lengths of time with heavy equipment.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Available in all configurations


  • Becomes uncomfortable over time
  • Prone to tearing
  • Itchy without padding

Photographing landscapes in Norway


Leather camera straps are the most popular choice among photographers. They tend to meet all three key roles by being aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and extremely comfortable.

Leather will conform to the contours of your body no matter the configuration and will likely be the last camera strap you will ever have to buy if you take care of it properly.

Leather straps come in a multitude of colors and styles and usually contain a decent amount of padding for added comfort. The only downside to these straps is that they are some of the most expensive you can buy. They also retain heat, so if you are shooting on a hot day expect to sweat.


  • Extremely durable
  • Contours to your body
  • Stylish


  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable in the heat
  • Not ideal for outdoor elements

Photographing Trinidad, Cuba


Artisanal camera straps rely almost singularly on looks. These straps can be made out of anything from scarves, knitted cloth, or silk. They make you look good whether you are taken vacation shots or in the studio and you can always find one to fit your personal style.

The issue with these types of straps is that they tend to ignore durability. They are not generally meant for heavy use and can be prone to ripping or tearing.


  • Fits your personal style
  • Wide price range
  • Affordable


  • Not always durable
  • Usually only found in neck and shoulder configurations
  • Strap connections generally nylon

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The padding of your camera strap is important in every configuration you may buy. This will keep the strap from digging into your shoulders, neck, hips or hand. It will also prevent irritation and potential rashes when used for long lengths of time.

It is best to look for the most amount of padding where the largest amount of pressure is going to be placed on your body. For example, if you are looking at a neck strap you want to make sure there is a decent amount of padding where the strap meets the back of the neck.

If you decide a hip holster is best for you to make sure the padding extends the entirety of the strap because here the weight is evenly distributed.

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Strap Connection

Just because this aspect is last doesn’t mean it is the least important. In fact, all of the comfort and durability of a camera strap is pointless unless it fits and stays attached to your camera.

Looking for strong metal clasps that can quickly and easily be detached from your camera is the optimal choice. Metal is less likely to wear over time and a quick release will allow you to catch that perfect picture on the fly without much hassle.

Leather attachments tend to wear over time and can eventually allow your camera to slip from its connection and fall. Nylon connections are fairly durable but generally, lack a quick-release option.

Best Camera Strap Recommendations

Best Camera Strap

ALA TOP Camera Strap by 4V Design

The ALA TOP Camera Strap is one of the best straps you can buy by far. This strap excels at each category previously discussed with great strap connections, made from long-lasting materials and the perfect amount of padding without making it too heavy.

This strap comes in multiple designs to make you fashionable in every setting and will likely be the last camera strap you will ever have to buy.


  • Full leather ergonomic pad
  • Hand-painted edges
  • Universal fit (41.3-52.8”)
  • Neck or shoulder configuration
  • Metal ring camera connection

Buy your ALA Top Camera Starp by 4v Design today! 

Best Camera Strap

Black Rapid Breathe Curve

Black Rapid is one of the most respected names in camera strap manufacturing. They are comfortable, durable and versatile while never giving up on looks. The Breathe Curve was designed to improve upon its predecessors by utilizing a new mesh material that improves airflow while still maintaining superior padding for maximum comfort.

This is designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and can be upgraded to the Hybrid Breathe to accommodate more weight and/or two camera bodies.


  • Moisture wicking nylon webbing
  • 1.5” rubber molded shoulder pad
  • Spring loaded bumper lock connections
  • Dual harness for second strap
  • Universal fit (36-70”)
  • Can be turned into a double-camera harness

Buy your Black Rapid Breathe Curve today! 

Best Camera Strap

Capturing Couture Scarf Camera Strap

This Capturing Couture Scarf is a stylish strap that will help you blend in while shooting at weddings or other upscale events. It is made from a decorative soft nylon blend that evokes the looks of an infinity scarf.

Nylon webbing on each end firmly secures your camera to the strap and also offers easy adjustment for an artisanal camera strap. This strap will have you looking great whether you are in the studio or strolling through the streets of Paris.


  • Hidden phone pocket (6.5×8”)
  • Universal fit (35-53”)
  • Lightweight (4oz)
  • Multiple fabrics designs
  • Durable nylon connections

Buy your Capturing Couture Scarf Camera Strap today! 

Best Camera Strap

Think Tank Photo Camera Strap V2.0

Lightweight camera strap has non-slip material on both sides and the strength to support pro-size camera bodies with pro lenses attached. Fits any DSLR, super-telephoto lens, or video camera with hard points for a shoulder strap


  • Easily compressed for travel
  • Fully adjustable
  • Non-slip material on both sides of strap
  • Metal rings provide attachment points 
  • Available in two colors

Buy your Think Tank Photo Camera Strap V2.0 today! 

Best Camera Strap

TrueSHOT Camera Strap

This premium padded USA Gear TrueSHOT Neoprene camera strap is the ultimate accessory for carrying anything from micro four thirds to your favorite DSLR. Incorporating comfort and strength, the strap allows you to carry the heaviest cameras on the market without causing any discomfort.

Never has it been easier to lug around your camera on an all-day photo shoot or hiking adventure!


  • Neoprene fabric
  • An internal stretch control system
  • Two 3/8″ connection loops
  • Multiple built-in storage pockets
  • Quick disconnect point on either side

Buy your TrueShot Camera Strap today! 

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