Is Inis Mór in the Aran Islands Worth Visiting?

This small island of Inis Mor, also known as Inishmore, doesn’t seem to top the list of most first-time visitors to Ireland. It’s off the beaten path and requires a ferry ride to reach it.

Despite being quite small, it is packed with ancient sites, stone houses, sounds, and experiences that can only enrich your time in Ireland.

This is unfortunate as the islands do offer a lot in terms of history and natural beauty.

Best Things To Do in Inishmore, Ireland

The views that the fort offers are nothing short of spectacular. Since the fort is on a 330-foot cliff edge, the view looking over the ocean is perfect for a photo op.

Marvel in Wonder at Dún Aengus

Discover The Seven Churches

The site features the ruins of a very large church that was one of the biggest pilgrimage centers along the west coast of Ireland.

Shop for Handmade Wool Items at Aran Sweater Market

The Aran Sweater Market features authentically Aran wool sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets all made from Irish natural wool.

Have a Pint at The Bar

You should head to The Bar for a pint of Guinness or Irish coffee. Not to mention that it’s a place steeped in rich history.

The most popular operation on the island is Thomas Faherty Tours, offering tours to the popular places on the island.

Tour the Island by Horse Carriage

While not as old as Dun Aengus, this fort does still date back to 550 AD, and the site offers many picturesque views of the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Check Out Dun Eochla

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