Is Spring the Best Time to Cruise Alaska?

As with most things in life, people are inclined to chase the best time for whatever they choose to do.

This includes cruising, as nobody wants to cruise through a hurricane in the Caribbean or a snowstorm in Alaska.

By the time you finish reading this you’ll be perusing the Alaska Spring itineraries over at UnCruise Adventures and putting in a vacation notice at work.

Statistically speaking, Juneau averages 50 inches of rain per year but other areas of Southeast Alaska average 275 inches. It’s an incredibly wet region in Alaska but the least of that rain happens during the month of May.

More Dry Days

During the peak months, these ports see daily visits from all the major cruise lines that frequent the Inside Passage. The amount of people traveling during this time is staggering.

Less Crowded Ports

This is a prime reason why the best time to cruise Alaska in the spring. Fewer people means you’ll have a chance at a more authentic experience.

Nature is Coming to Life

Spring in Alaska is essentially an awakening, a rebirth of nature after the harsh winter conditions have left.

Just as the grass and trees are coming to life, so is the abundance of classic Alaskan wildlife. Bears are venturing away from their dens and heading to the shorelines to scavenge the inner tidal zone.

Fantastic Wildlife Viewing

If nothing else can convince you that the best time to cruise Alaska is the spring, then let it be that despite the absence of snow on the ground, every mountain in eyes view will still have snow-caps.

Snow-capped Mountains

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