How to Hike the Landscape Arch Trail in Arches National Park

The Landscape Arch is one of the most iconic landforms in Arches National Park. Spanning 306 feet, the Landscape Arch is the longest natural arch in the world.

Travelers can’t simply poke their heads out of their car to view the arch though. You’ll have to leave your wheels behind and hike down the trail.

If you fancy a short, easy hike to one of the most impressive arches in the park, then this hike to Landscape Arch is for you.

Know Before Hiking to Landscape Arch Although the hike is considered easy, there are still some things you need to know before you hit the trail.

Who Should Hike the Landscape Arch Trail? As one of the few easy trails in the park, this trip can easily be done by seniors in good shape and families alike.

Best Time To Visit & When To Go Summer lasts in Arches National Park from June to August. Since school is out, these months are considered the peak season for the park and have the most crowds.

What To Bring on the Hike This trail is easy enough for hikers of all levels and ages to conquer, but that doesn’t mean you can simply hop out of the car and start making your way down the path.

What to Expect on the Landscape Arch Trail Devil’s Garden Trailhead & Parking Lot: The first stop on your journey is the Devils Garden Trailhead.

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