Monument Valley: Everything You Need To Plan Your Visit (2023)

There’s a reason this unique area has been featured in countless Hollywood films and it’s well worth a day or two of any road trip.

It’s one of the best stops in the southwest, and to inspire your journey, here’s our ultimate guide to Monument Valley.

Monument Valley is located within the Navajo Nation, and it straddles the border between the states of Utah in the north and Arizona in the south.

Where is Monument Valley?

Monument Valley is best accessed on a self-drive tour.

How to Get to Monument Valley

Best Time to Visit Monument Valley

As with most other places in the American Southwest, the best time to visit Monument Valley is during the late Spring and early Fall.

Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park and is administered and cared for directly by the Navajo Nation. For this reason, you must pay $8 per person to enter the park.

Tribal Park Loop

This 17-mile long road passes through the best natural sights that the valley has to offer, including the iconic rock formations and rock pillars, and past excellent viewpoints.

These enormous rocks are so named because they appear to look like hands wrapped in mittens, pointing toward the sky!

West and East Mitten Buttes

It’s around 4 miles long, and quite literally takes you into the shadow of the butte, offering you the best view of the rocks.

Wildcat Trail

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