Best Christmas Markets in Prague

Visiting the Prague Christmas Market is a highlight on any winter itinerary across Europe. Czech’s love their Christmas festivities too, and the best markets in the country are found in Prague.

You’ll find hundreds of charming wooden stalls across the city, Christmas trees in the squares, and a whole range of delicious Czech food and drink to indulge in during your stay in Prague.

Stacked full of rustic wooden stalls and small chalets, all of them brimming with Christmas goods, and serving up great food and drink.

Old Town Square Christmas Market

Here you’ll find plenty of gingerbread and mulled wine to enjoy, as well as Christmas songs and decorations.

Wenceslas Square Christmas Market

Prague Castle Christmas Market

One of the most important landmarks in the city, and it’s a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring the Czech capital for the first time.

Republic Square Christmas Market

Here you’ll find all sorts of Czech culinary delights, from festive gingerbread to steaming hot bread bowls full of goulash.

Peace Square Christmas Market

You’ll want to take a tram here from the Old Town – another great local experience in itself – or it’s a thirty-minute stroll from the Old Town Square.

Kampa Island Christmas Market

Here you can enjoy the sights and sounds without all those tourists. Grab a hot chocolate or grog to sip on while you browse all of the stalls.

This little Christmas Market with about 20 stalls that nestled in a lesser busy section of Prague and are just simply charming with way fewer people.

Tylovo Náměstí Christmas Market

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