Sisimiut, Greenland – What to See & Do in Sisimiut

This is Greenland’s second-largest settlement, and although sights within the town itself are limited, this is a destination for the outdoor lover.

There are icy, snowy landscapes to experience, a vast wilderness to explore and beautiful fjords to experience in a surreal setting.

The museum focuses on the indigenous cultures that have ranged across this land for centuries, surviving in an extreme world where many others have failed.

Sisimiut Museum

This center hosts artistic performances as well as cultural events and art exhibitions. There’s even a cafe where you can enjoy some local dishes or a warm cup of coffee.

Taseralik Cultural Centre

Take a City Tour

The tour takes you to a variety of viewpoints, a local fish market, the lookout to the Arctic Circle Monument and a few other notable places.

Go to Qiviut

Qiviut is the Greenlandic word used to describe the inner wool that is retrieved from muskoxen. The store, bearing the name of the wool, is the largest manufacturer of clothing.

Greenlandic Cuisine

The Greenlandic people live in a harsh environment and, through history, have had to survive on what they could harvest from the sea. This includes fish, whales, and even seals.

Assaqutaq is an abandoned settlement located 10 kilometers by boat from Sisimiut. The boat cruise to and from the settlement is a beautiful way to explore the area.

Village of Assaqutaq

It’s a popular way to experience this remote land and come face to face with the resilient animals that live in this part of the world. It’s the most popular thing to do in Sisimiut.

Do Some Hiking

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