The Guide to Surfing in Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the best waters in the region for surfing, but yet it is not known to be a surfing hot spot.

Jamaica is blessed with surprisingly good surfing spots throughout the Island.

Trade winds provide Jamaica with highly consistent, year-round surf that rivals the likes of the Gold Coast of Australia and Southern California.

Where to Surf in Jamaica

Its location on the north shore of Jamaica produces one of the most consistently good waves on the Island.

Makka Beach

DNA or TOAB Beach

This epic surfing spot in Jamaica is known to produce steep, hollow waves breaking on both left and right shoulders.

Copa Bay has a great surf camp located in Bulls Bay that is owned by a family who isĀ pioneers of surfing on the island.

Copa (Bull Bay)


The Zoo is a reef break producing a short ride on a barreling right for intermediate riders.

This is a great spot for surfers of all levels. To some surfers, it is a little remote and can be spooky at times out in the water.


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