38 Beach Essentials: The Ultimate Beach Packing List

Headed off on an exciting beach vacation? Let go of your beach packing list stress by reading this beach packing list before you go

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and refine your list of beach items so you are prepared for every activity you want to do on your beach vacation.


We recommend packing your favorite sunscreen before leaving the house as you’ll pay high prices for sunscreen once you’re at your beach destination.

1. Sunscreen

If you are a person who hates applying sunscreen repeatedly throughout the day then UPF clothing is definitely for you!

2. UPF Clothing

3. Rash Guard

A rashguard not only protects you from skin rashes, but also keeps you warm, and contains UPF which protects from the sun.

When packing for your beach vacation do not forget that you should have something to protect your head, ears, and neck such as a good beach hat.

4. Sun Hat

5. Umbrella

Even when you want to get some sun, it is always nice to have an area of shade to sit under when you need it without having to leave the beach.

There is a wide variety of sunglass brands that provide UV protection in their lenses but our favorite brand is Oakley.

6. Sunglasses

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