Best Things to do in Teddy Roosevelt National Park

The small town of Medora may only have a population of barely over 100 people, but the nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park attracts hundreds of thousands of curious visitors every year.

Whether you’re looking to get lost in the vast wilderness of North Dakota or just want to take a leisurely drive through the countryside, this National Park has something to offer all kinds of travelers.

This region typically attracts off the beaten path travelers looking to get lost in the Dakota wilderness and explore a side of America seldom seen by your average tourist.

Visit the North Unit

Throughout the South Unit, there are many short hikes where you can take in the park’s best sights; these are particularly recommended for families and seniors.

Visit the South Unit

Visit the Historical Elkhorn Ranch Unit

Elkhorn Ranch is the smallest of the three units, but the drive to and from the area is more than enough to have you pulling out your cameras and stopping to take pictures.

Discover the Painted Canyon

Painted Canyon is arguably the most breathtaking place in all of North Dakota! With its unique mineral deposits, the rocks turn into a virtual rainbow.

Climb Buck Hill

Well-known as one of the best places in Theodore Roosevelt National Park to catch the sunset, Buck Hill and the Buck Hill Trail is a must-do for all adventurers heading to North Dakota.

Travelers can easily spend hours exploring all the beauty within the park. Be sure to bring a picnic, because some of the lookouts along your journey are just too gorgeous to pass up.

Drive the Scenic Loop

Teddy Roosevelt National Park is one of only a few US National Parks that maintain a wild population of horses. This practice dates back to when the land was used for ranching.

See the Wild Horses

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