12 Interesting Things to Do in Bergen, Norway

Known for being one of the most expensive countries in the world, Norway is also one of the most beautiful holiday destinations.

Just relax, enjoy the vacation, and indulge in the Norwegian beauty and mouth-watering cuisine.

Here are the best things to do in Bergen during your three-day escape.


Wander around the delightful wooden alleys of Bryggen and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Explore Bergen by Foot: The Charming Old Quarter

With a simple, Nordic design, a cozy atmosphere, and one of the best lattes in Bergen, Kaffemisjonen will instantly satisfy your caffeine need.

Enjoy Cafe-Hopping

Get in Touch with Art at the KODE

Hosting the biggest art and design collection in Scandinavia, the museum offers you the chance to explore four buildings filled with artistic treasures.

Built to demonstrate the power over the Hanseatic merchants and to defend the city.

The Rosenkrantz Tower

The landmark offers you a unique chance to admire spectacular views.

Catch a Glimpse of Bergen’s Dark Past: The Leprosy Museum

Check out the history of patient rights and learn about Norway’s contribution to leprosy research.

Wander around the several floors of this former Royal residence of the kings of Norway, admire the displays, and learn about the Norwegian military history.

The Bergenhus Fortress

The Vidden Trail is one of Bergen’s most rewarding day hikes, a mountaintop trail that runs from peak to peak, between Mt Ulriken and Mt Floyen.

Bergen’s Famous ‘Seven Mountains’: Mount Ulriken

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