15 Top Things to do in Panama (For Adventure Lovers)

This is one of the best countries to visit in the region, and it’s fast becoming a popular tourist destination for those looking for a unique country to explore.

You can relax on Carribean beaches or islands one day and be exploring the Pacific coastline the next. There are dense, impenetrable jungles, dramatic volcanic peaks and epic mountain scenery.


Here you can find excellent food, a vibrant nightlife, great museums and a particularly spectacular urban skyline along the waterfront.

Explore Panama City

See Casco Viejo

The old quarter is remarkably well preserved, and you can find ramshackle colonial streets, impressive cathedrals and wonderful works of architecture such as the National Theater.

Transit the Panama Canal

The canal stretches for 50 miles from Panama City, and from the capital, you can visit the viewing spots at the Miraflores Lock which are found nearby.

Relax on Taboga Island

There are some beautiful beaches to be found here, but as well the natural scenery, the island is known for its long history.

Disconnect in the San Blas Islands

You can enjoy the laid-back island lifestyle alongside white beaches, coral reefs, and a level of marine biodiversity that’s hard to match elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Get Off the Beaten Path in the Pearl Islands

There are plenty of deserted and uninhabited islands that you can boat to for a slice of tranquility and peace and quiet.

Learn the History of Portobelo

The small town of Portobelo on the Caribbean coast is one of the best things to do in Panama. Here you can find historic colonial forts and plenty of beautiful scenery.

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