24 Irresistible Things to do in Helsinki

Helsinki is a small city, with a compact center that’s easy to traverse and pleasant to explore.

It’s home to the best museums in Finland, excellent Finnish and international restaurants and incredible works of both historic and modern architecture.

It’s a great city to visit and to inspire your trip to Finland, here are the best things to do in Helsinki!

Tove Janssonin Puisto

This little park is where you can get views of the Uspenski Cathedral with some great nature and cityscape shots all in one.


Found on the island of Seurasaari in the Baltic Sea, the museum offers a great chance to delve into Finnish heritage and culture.

Seurasaari Open Air Museum

The Rock Church

The rock gives the church strangely beautiful acoustics and as well as being a place for religious services is often used as a venue for concerts too.

Uspenski Cathedral

You can not miss this red-bricked green-topped cathedral. Standing atop a hill this largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe is an amazing sight from far away.


The town of Porvoo is one of the oldest and most historic places you can visit in Finland, and it’s a charmingly picturesque destination to spend the day exploring.

You can not miss this massive Ferris wheel along the bay in Helsinki. It’s one of the top attractions in Helsinki.

Skywheel of Helsinki

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