15 TOP Things to do in Dresden, Germany

It has a long history stretching far back to the medieval era, Dresden is, unfortunately, best known for more recent events in World War II, when the city was completely destroyed by Allied bombing.

The wide River Elbe stretches through Dresden, offering beautiful views and riverside walks or cruises, while just outside the city, you can find the glorious outdoor landscapes of Saxon Switzerland.


The most iconic sight in the city. The castle was almost totally leveled during World War II, losing the roof and many of the historic collections held inside.

Dresden Castle

The Green Vault was first opened in 1723 by the reigning King of Saxony, Augustus the Strong, who began to expand on an existing treasure trove of relics and artifacts held by his family.

The Green Vault

Zwinger Palace

Zwinger Palace was destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II. Restoration work began immediately after the war ended, and the palace was open to the public  within a decade.


The Frauenkirche was for decades left in ruins, as a memorial and as a reminder of the destruction of the war, but in recent years, it has been completely restored.

River Elbe Cruise

You can enjoy pleasant riverside walks along the embankments of the Elbe, and it’s perfect for sunset views. One of the best ways to experience the Elbe.

One of the foremost military museums in Germany, but although it’s found in a former arsenal, the focus is not necessarily on military might, but on the human cost of war.

The Museum of Military History

The historic buildings form the unique skyline of the old city center. The cathedral has been heavily restored, and you can still find the tombs of the last Saxon kings within the crypts.

Dresden Cathedral

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