11 Awesome Things to Do in Nuremberg

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As with many of the small villages located in Germany and on the Romantic Road, people tend to spend more time passing through them then they do enjoy them.

There is a lot to be said for the experience you can have if you just allow yourself to stay overnight in some of these places.

Not only will you get good photography opportunities when the tour buses leave for the day, but you’ll get a chance to see the real magic on offer. Not to mention there are a surprising number of things to do in Nuremberg.

Without really thinking twice, we made the decision to spend 2 days in Nuremberg before we even left America. I have always wanted to visit this Bavarian city and making this decision wasn’t a hard one.

It wasn’t until we arrived that we learned most people just make quick day stops and then move out of the city before dinnertime.

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things to do in Nuremberg Germany - Lina Stock

Believe me, I know what it is like to only have a few days of vacation to work with and the ultimate desire to use them to the fullest by visiting as many places as possible during your vacation.

I used to live that life, but let me tell you something; you’re missing the point people. If you just blow through a place, what about it do you take with you? Is there anything other than the proverbial checkmark on the list and the series of poorly taken photos you’ll never look at again?

With all the might I can muster and pass-through this keyboard to you, leave room in your German vacation for the time to see the places you visit. Spend at least 2 days in Nuremberg and any other small village on our route.

If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the magic. Besides, don’t you want to know more about the man that invented the selfie?

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Things to Do in Nuremberg

Albrect Durer House- things to do in Nuremberg - Lina Stock

Meet Albrect Dürer

One of the most famous painters in art history, I am personally convinced that Albrecht Dürer invented the selfie. Born in 1471, he would become a risk-taker in his perception of art and be one of the first artists to paint a self-portrait to be used as part of his portfolio.

He painted himself in both the traditional pose of slightly tilted side profile and with a new style, from straight on.

Nobody was doing this to build a portfolio and he was applauded for the forward-thinking and earned many jobs from the tactic. The straight-on portraits, however, never took off among his clients as they thought it was too obtrusive.

Make sure you leave time on your visit to tour his house and see some of his magnificent paintings. You’ll also learn more about his life and a strong influence on the art world. This is one of the more interesting things to do in Nuremberg.

Altstadthof Brewery - things to do in Nuremberg Germany

Underground Beer Cellar Tour

If you buzz out of town without spending a night, you won’t have a chance to head underground at the Altstadthof Brewery for a guided tour of their historic rock-cut cellars.

I think it is safe to say that for the amount of space above ground in Nuremberg, the equal exists just below it in traditional beer storage. This proved handy during WWII when the city was bombed to nothing.

If the underground cellars hadn’t existed, most of the people would have lost their lives. Instead, they used the cellars as a way to escape from the city.

The tour runs at 5 pm from the brewery shop and is free if you have a Nuremberg card. While the tour runs only in German, they do provide headsets in English to listen to on the tour and in our experience; the guide spoke English as well.

things to do in Nuremberg Germany Road Trip

Nuremberg Castle Without the Crowds

The centerpiece of tourism in Nuremberg, the castle sits on the tallest part of the city and looks down over all that is below.

Never a formally occupied residence, it was used by the royalty during their tours through Bavaria. Living in the castle was always temporary and it says empty when they were not there.

It was mostly destroyed during the bombing in WWII, but has been mostly restored and now houses a beautiful museum.

For some great views, you can also climb the Sinwell tower and when you’ve finished that gaze into the depths of the Deep Well. The entrance is free with the Nuremberg Card.

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St Sebald Church 2 days in Nuremberg Germany

Exclusive Tower Tour of St Sebald Cathedral

This is by far the best thing we did in Nuremberg and we couldn’t have done it if we hadn’t stayed overnight. The towers in this church are not open to the public like most towers in Europe; instead, they run a private, ticketed tour to the top in the evening, only twice a week.

Seriously, this is the best-kept secret in Nuremberg. We showed up 10 minutes before 5 pm, bought our tickets for €5, met the two other people in our group and headed into the heights of the church.

The tour lasted 1.5 hours and was spectacular. We had tours of each level all the way to the top and ended with free time on the tower to photograph the city. At the time of our visit, the Tower Tour was only being run on Wednesday and Saturday at 5 pm.

Nuremberg Road Trip in Germany

Entertaining Guided City Tour

There is nothing worse than a dry tour. Perhaps you’ve been on one and cracked a smile when I said that, well I can admit we sure have. Never fear!

The Nuremberg guided city tour, ran by the Nuremberg Tourism board, is not only thorough but also very entertaining.

Our guide gave us insight into the lives of the people, not just regurgitated encyclopedia information. We learned what it was like to live in Nuremberg at the height of its popularity, the tales of lore and of course, the sprinkle of history along the way. The English speaking tours run at 1 pm daily and last approximately 2 hours.

Nuremberg Germany

Indulge in Fine Bavarian Food & Beer

A trip to Bavaria wouldn’t be complete without a stop for beer and brats and Nuremberg is no exception. Often overlooked by day-trippers, Nuremberg has some really fine Franconian and Bavarian dining options. We can recommend the following without pause.

Alstadthof Restaurant

If you are looking for a chance to sample the Alstadthof breweries famous red beer accompanied by traditional Franconian food, then look no further. This is one of the best meals we had in Germany and the red beer lived right up to its hype.


This place serves the traditional sized Bratwursts of Nuremberg. Not bigger in diameter than your ring finger, these little sausages were made specifically to fit through keyholes.

In the early days, when your family was locked up for a crime, it was your problem to make sure they were fed. You weren’t allowed to open the doors, so they made the sausages small enough to fit through the keyhole. The tradition stuck and you can now indulge in these little sausage wonders on your next stop in Nuremberg.

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Nuremberg Travel Tips

Nuremberg Card

For those of you that wish to spend at least 2 nights in the city (which we HIGHLY recommend), it is worth investing in a Nuremberg Card.

This little beauty will give you free access to the best sites in the city plus free use of all the public transportation. They are valid for 2 full days from the time of first use.

Hotel Elch Nuremberg Germany


There is no shortage of great places to rest your head in this Bavarian village, however, we can recommend from experience, the Hotel Elch.

It is a very short walk from the old city center and 2 blocks from a parking ramp, which is very convenient if you have a rental car. The rooms are clean, modern, spacious and they serve a fabulous buffet breakfast to get your day started.

Other great hotels in the Nuremberg area are Hotel Drei RabenHotel FIVE, and Hotel Victoria.

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Visiting Nuremberg on a Road Trip

Nuremberg was one of our stops while road tripping through Germany with Discover Car Hire. We arranged our car rental for pickup in Munich and traveled through Bavaria before heading north to finish in Berlin.

Renting a car is the best way to see the real Germany and allow yourself the chance to experience places like Nuremberg after all the day trip buses have left for the day.

Need to book a car for your road trip adventure? We use Discover Car Hire for comparing car prices to find the best deal. They search both local & international rental companies.

Want to visit Nuremberg Germany but don’t have a Car

Do not miss out on one of the best towns in Germany. Do you want to visit Nuremberg Germany but you do not have a car. No worries, we have found a way for you to discover Nuremberg Germany.  You can discover Nuremberg from Munich and Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich: Discover beautiful Nuremberg — site of Hitler’s infamous propaganda rallies — on a 10-hour rail tour from Munich. Relax on the comfortable train ride to Nuremberg, take a guided tour of city attractions like Congress Hall and medieval old town, then enjoy some free time to make an optional visit to the Documentation Center.
  • Heidelberg and Nuremberg Tour from Frankfurt: Visit the cities of Heidelberg and Nuremberg on this guided, full-day sightseeing adventure from Frankfurt. First, explore Heidelberg, Germany’s oldest and most famous university town. See the Gothic landmark Heidelberg Castle and the bustling Old Town district that runs for one mile along the Neckar River. Then visit the medieval city of Nuremberg.
  • Munich and Nuremberg Day Trip from Frankfurt: Explore two of Bavaria’s beautiful cities in one day on this Munich and Nuremberg day trip from Frankfurt. Explore Munich by double-decker bus and discover top attractions including the Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady and the Old Town Hall. Admire Nymphenburg Palace’s Baroque architecture and sightsee at your leisure. In Nuremberg, take a walking tour through the Old Town and Castle Quarter, where half-timbered houses tell of a bygone era.
  • Nuremberg and Rothenburg Day Trip from Frankfurt: Visit the cities of Nuremberg and Rothenburg on this guided, full-day sightseeing adventure from Frankfurt. Combine two best-selling tours at one discounted price. First, explore the medieval city of Nuremberg. Learn about its history — from the days of the Holy Roman Empire to the German Renaissance, Third Reich, Nazi rallies and Nuremberg Trials — and see many of its popular attractions. Then visit the picturesque town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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    • Hi Kaitlyn, they only offer the tower tours twice per week on Wednesday & Saturday at 5pm, when we visited. You can find information about the church on the tourism board website for the city of Nuremberg. If you are planning to visit Nuremberg and have your heart set on doing this, I would strongly advise you to email the contact listed to get current information on the running of the Tower Tour.

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    • SO glad to hear this!!! So many people miss the real beauty of Nuremberg by shooting through on a day trip. It deserves more time and the experience will be so much better for you this way. Enjoy, we loved this city.


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