Best Travel Backpack Buying Guide

Travel backpacks have become the number one choice among adventurers. Finding the best travel backpack for your trip is mission-critical.

Backpacks take the stress out of lugging your necessities through the airports, streets, and back roads. It can be hard to narrow down what features effectively and efficiently suit your travel needs.

50-65-liter backpacks are made more for those that not only need to carry clothing and hygiene essentials but also extra gear. If you plan to do a lot of hiking and camping, this may be the perfect size for you.

Size Considerations

Front loading is where backpacks meet the convenience of typical luggage. These allow you to zip open the face of your pack to access your content.

Front Loading v. Top LoadingĀ 

Getting the Fit Right

It is essential that you try on your backpack prior to purchasing it. This gives you the opportunity to see how the backpack sits on your frame, where it may rub, and how tall it is.

Think About Straps

The straps of the best travel backpack are going to come with a certain amount of padding to prevent the material from digging into your skin and causing blisters overtime.

Internal vs. External frame

When deciding on a travel backpack it is always best to go with an internal frame even if it costs a bit extra.

Multiple compartments: Multiple compartments offer you a way to break up and organize your belongings, making them easier to find and quicker to grab.

Additional Features to Consider

The majority of thefts are due to convenience. Lockable zippers deter wandering hands from making a quick grab for your belongings especially on subways, in airports or on trains.

Lockable zippers

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