Travel Tibet Like A Pro: Essential Tibet Travel Guide

We signed up for the longest tour time we could, 8 days, and a full-on adventure that would take us to and through Tibet to Mount Everest and back.

Tibet blew our minds. It was jaw-droppingly beautiful and sacred.

We have the ultimate respect for its land and people, truth be told, we would love to pay a return visit to some of the regions that we missed.

Housing the highest mountain on our planet at 8848 meters above sea level, Tibet is a wondrous adventure that requires a lot of planning.

How to Access Tibet There are two main ways to enter Tibet: through Nepal or through various cities across mainland China.

Travel Tibet through Nepal As Tibet’s closest neighbor, Nepal is the nearest entry point for internationals and Nepali people to enter Tibet.

Since you are entering Tibet from Nepal, and Tibet is currently occupied by China, you must have a Chinese Tourist Visa in your passport prior to making the trip to Tibet from Nepal.

For any travel to Tibet you will first need a Tibet Entry Visa which must be obtained with the help of a local travel agency.

In order to trek to Everest from the Nepal side, it is mandatory to obtain a TIMS card.

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