What To Pack For Alaska (Clothing, Gear & Everything Else)

Planning your Alaska packing list isn’t as easy you may have thought. 

You need to be prepared for all types of weather, as the weather in Alaska can change at the drop of a hat.


The best socks for outdoor comfort in Alaska are made of Merino wool or synthetic fabrics. Rather than absorbing moisture, these fabrics wick away perspiration.


You can use a special sleep shirt or bring an everyday T-shirt. It really depends on the person.

Sleep Shirt


These were great because the pants work overtime to keep you cool and comfortable with an advanced wicking fabric and UPF 50 sun protection.


This is nice to throw over that lightweight sweater. I would look for one that is waterproof, has down-fill and is rated for cold weather.

Snow pants

Snow pants are recommended for the winter months. If you are chasing the northern lights in Alaska they are 100% a must. For any other season, do not pack them, you will not need them.

You will need some good gloves when you are exploring Alaska. I would also recommend a waterproof pair. You want your hands to stay warm and that’s hard to do in the Alaskan environment.


Alaska is made up of mostly rugged wilderness and not meaning to scare you, has more disappearances than any other state.


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