Ultimate Trip to Tahiti with Windstar Cruises

This trip has literally been decades in the making and for a trip that has been built up so much in our minds, I’m happy to report that it didn’t disappoint, either.

Tahiti is an island within the Society Islands group of French Polynesia. While most people refer to the entire country as ‘Tahiti’, it is actually made up of 121 islands.

Waking up early, both from excitement and jet lag, we prepared for a full day of touring on Tahiti.


This would entail an exploration of the Papenoo Valley, including a great hike to Matovo Waterfall as a full-day tour that was booked separately from the cruise.

Day 1 – Windstar Tahiti Cruise Day At Sea We spent our day getting to know the ship, the staff, and enjoying all the onboard amenities that we wouldn’t have time to enjoy without a day at sea.

Day 2 – Fakarava in the Tuamotu Islands Atoll islands are formed by a buildup of dead coral over many, many years. The islands are usually flat with mostly sand and little vegetation.

Shore Excursion The beach is gorgeous with several nice coral outcroppings that you can access from the beach if you want to snorkel and the family that owns the property is very friendly.

Day 3 – Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Islands Made up of 415 motus, islets, and sandbars, Rangiroa offers the quintessential definition of paradise found.

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