What To Do in Barbados: 9 Unique & Fun Ideas

Sun, sand, and sea. Barbados is the picture-perfect Caribbean island that comes to mind when you imagine a holiday in paradise.

There’s much to do on the island, and to help you plan your getaway, here’s our guide the best things to do in Barbados and more.


There are many to choose from across the island and many resorts and hotels face out over golden sands

1. Hit the Beaches

This is where the water is calmest and clearest and the diverse array of life out there makes for interesting excursions.

2. Go Snorkeling and Diving

3. Try Some Water Sports

Adventurous visitors to Barbados will find that there are great opportunities to try their hand at water sports.

More than just a transport hub though, this is the historical center of the nation.

4. Explore Bridgetown

5. Visit the Savannah Garrison Race Track

For an equally historic yet more unusual outing in Barbados, head to the Savannah Garrison Race Track, near Bridgetown.

Barbados is renowned for its quality rum, and this alcoholic beverage is one of the island’s most famous and important exports.

6. Tour the Mount Gay Rum Distillery

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