16 Exotic Islands That Are Worth Adding to Your Bucket List

There’s nothing quite like an island getaway, and the world’s oceans are filled with exotic islands just waiting to be explored.

But deciding which exotic islands to visit is a challenge, given the sheer number and diversity of the islands out there.


The Maldives are beautifully photogenic. There are white-sand beaches fringed by palm trees, and the water is wonderfully clear.


Sri Lanka is a great island destination for anyone looking for adventure because the island nation is full of culture, history, wildlife, and scenery.

Sri Lanka

Deception Island

This is a rugged and beautiful place, an island at the mercy of the extreme Antarctic weather. It is teeming with seals and penguins and is known for its dramatic harbor.

Greenland is also at the mercy of extreme weather, as the island stretches deep into the Arctic Circle. There are huge glaciers, endless stretches of wilderness, and countless opportunities for adventure.


Busuanga, Philippines 

Most popular destinations in the Philippines are those where there are freshwater lakes, tall limestone karsts, and endless snorkeling and diving opportunities in both wrecks and reefs.

In the countryside of Vinales, you can hike and marvel at the beautiful scenery and see where guerillas such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro once waged war against the government.


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