9 Best Places to Visit in May

May is an excellent time of year for travel because, in many popular destinations, this is a month where things are either winding down or just getting started. 

It’s a great month for shoulder-season travel, and to inspire your next adventure, here are the best places to visit in May!


The Caribbean is a region that sees very little in the way of temperature fluctuations throughout the year, and that means that all year round, it’s warm.

The Caribbean

In May, conditions are optimal. It’s not raining yet, and although it can be cold at altitude during the night, it’s still great weather for hiking during the day.


Sri Lanka

If you want to get even further off the beaten track, head up towards Trincomalee, where you can find outstanding scenery and fascinating local history.

You can take the chance to visit iconic cities such as Sydney or Melbourne and enjoy the sights and attractions without the crowds of the summer high season.



Canada has a long ski season, especially in popular resort areas such as Whistler, and May is usually the last chance to hit the slopes before the snow melts.

Portugal enjoys a lovely, warm climate through much of the year. May is the perfect mix of sunshine and comfortable sightseeing temperatures.


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