9 Best Places to Visit in June (WORLDWIDE)

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Across the world, June is peak tourist season in destinations as diverse as California and Tokyo, and it can be difficult finding the best places to visit in June that are still quiet, yet enjoyable at this time of the year.

Much of Europe is best avoided in June because this is when the crowds descend upon iconic cities such as Barcelona and Paris. While the vacation resorts and beaches of the Mediterranean are packed with tourists.

Southeast Asia is busy as always, it’s peak season in South America, and it’s raining in the Caribbean. 

Luckily though, there’s always a hidden spot waiting to be found, and June is a great time to head to Turkey or to explore the wilderness of Greenland.

Take a safari in Africa when the dry season is just beginning, or head to the Pantanal in Brazil to search for Jaguars. 

There are some great destinations to consider, and to help you to avoid the crowds, here are the best places to visit in June.

9 of the Best Places to Visit in June

1. Greenland

June in Sisimiut Greenland

The vast, icy wilderness of Greenland is slowly emerging as a tourist destination, although it’s still very much an off the beaten track destination.

For starters, the weather in Greenland is extreme. Much of the island is found well within the Arctic Circle, and can only really be reached within a short, seasonal window each year.

Secondly, Greenland is remote and underpopulated, and it’s a cheap place to travel to.

If you can afford the expense though, then Greenland is one of the best places to visit in June, and few other destinations can match it in terms of scenery and isolation.

June is the start of the region’s short but beautiful summer, and you can experience 24 hours of daylight in some areas. 

Visit the second largest polar ice sheet in the world, cruise or even kayak amongst immense glaciers off the coast in Ilulissat, or hike through the Arctic tundra under the midnight sun near Kangerlussuaq.

It’s a glorious place to visit, and Greenland is the best place to escape the crowds of summer, and to find the remote isolation you might be craving.

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2. Poland

Krakow Poland - best places to visit in June

If Greenland is out of your budget, but you still want to stay in the European region, then consider heading east in June.

The old Eastern Bloc is becoming more and more popular each year, as travelers realize that the prices are great and the culture, history and scenery is second to none.

But while some cities, such as Prague and Budapest, for instance, are already seeing huge numbers of tourists in summer, Poland has yet to experience such a large boom, and it can be one of the best places to visit in June.

Head to the cities of Warsaw and Krakow for sobering 20th-century history, and to experience a side of Europe that is often overlooked in the west.

At the same time, experience these eclectic cities in summer, when you can enjoy al fresco dining and drinking and plenty of cultural events. 

You can visit the countryside too, and in particular, head to the Belarussian border, where you can find one of the last forests in Europe that’s still home to a small number of endangered European Bison. 

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3. Russia

David Stock Jr of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel blog in Moscow Russia in June

Heading even further east, it’s difficult to find a destination that’s as alluring yet as intimidating as Russia.

The largest country in the world has a lot to offer, but it’s difficult to get around if you don’t speak Russian, and it can be even trickier getting a visa for some nationalities.

Brave the language barriers and the bureaucracy, and you’ll find that Russia is one of the best places to visit in June.

Usually typified as a cold and grey place, the country is nothing of the sorts at the start of summer, and cities such as St. Petersburg or Moscow are alive with festivals and cultural events. 

Keep heading east, and this is the best time to ride the Trans-Siberian before it gets too hot and humid, and after the cold and ice of winter. Visit Lake Baikal, and eventually, reach the Pacific Ocean at Vladivostok. 

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4. Turkey

Coastline of Turkey in June

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean climate, a scorching hot summer, but fewer crowds than the Greek Islands or Spanish beaches, then take a trip to Turkey, one of the best places to visit in June. 

Turkey has a beautiful coastline, and in June, it’s spectacularly sunny. There are a large number of resorts along the coast, in destinations such as Antalya and Fethiye.

While some of these are very popular with package tourists, there are many locations that have yet to be discovered yet. Such as Dalyan and Cirali.

If the coast isn’t for you though, then head inland, because one of the hottest emerging tourist destinations in the world can be found in Cappadocia.

This is an otherworldly land of dramatic rock formations and stunning valleys, where you can hike trails or ride horses across the plains.

Spend your days enjoying the great outdoors, and spend your nights sleeping in traditional caves, that have been used for centuries by the inhabitants of Anatolia. 

It’s also one of the most famous places in the world to take a hot air balloon ride.

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5. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur - best places to visit in June

While Southeast Asia can be busy in June, as tourists head here to spend their summer on the beaches in Thailand, or exploring the islands in Indonesia, one destination that is still perfect for anyone looking for a quieter vacation is Malaysia. 

The country doesn’t see nearly as many visitors as its neighbors, and June is a great time to be here.

You are in the middle of the dry season on the untouched east coast, where you can sail out to the Perhentian Islands, and live a rustic, tropical lifestyle with few other people around.

Go diving or snorkeling in paradise, visit the Cameron Highlands for a spot of jungle trekking, or fly across to Borneo to go looking for Orangutans in the wild. 

You can also enjoy the culinary delights of Georgetown in Penang, the colonial history of Malacca, or the modern vibrancy, food and culture of Kuala Lumpur

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6. Tanzania

The Great Migration in Tanzania in June

Africa is a great destination this month, and one of the best places to visit in June is Tanzania, where the Great Migration is in full swing.

This is the dry season in Tanzania, and not only does that mean that the wildlife is much easier to see on safari, but in the Serengeti, it means that the vast plains are full of wildebeest, zebra and all the predators that chase them as they migrate across the continent.

While it can be a busy time, as many tourists visit just to see the Great Migration, it’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you do want to visit quieter areas in June, then head to the southern national parks, where there aren’t as many tourists as in the north.

This is also a beautiful time to visit Zanzibar if you’re looking for a sunny beach vacation because the dry season means pleasant temperatures, no storms and great visibility in the water for snorkeling. 

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7. South Africa

Cape Town South Africa - best places to visit in June

In South Africa, it’s very much the winter season, and given that this is such a large country, the weather varies wildly.

It’s definitely low season in the more temperate Western Cape because Cape Town and the surrounding coastline can be hit by rainstorms and low temperatures. If you want to escape the crowds though, it’s a fantastic time to visit. 

June is also the start of the whale migrations in South Africa, and you can often see them off the coast of the Western Cape as they head in search of warmer waters and new feeding grounds for the winter. 

Around Johannesburg, this is a great time to visit Kruger National Park, because the weather is pleasantly warm and there’s no chance of rain.

Because it’s the dry season, it’s easier to find the animals, and you can head out on safari in search of the Big Five and have an excellent chance of seeing them all in the wild.

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8. Namibia

Sossusvlei, inside the Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia

Staying in Africa, one of the best places to visit in June is Namibia. Located north of South Africa, June is when Namibia is experiencing its dry season.

It’s beautifully warm still, and you can enjoy the sights of the Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast and take in the unique colonial history without working up much of a sweat.

Inland, this is the best time to visit the national parks. Head into Namibia’s vast interior to see the incredible variety of landscapes in Sossusvlei, the salt pans and wildlife in Etosha National Park and river deltas, because this is the best time to see animals in the wild.

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9. Brazil

Tocan in Brazil

Another great destination for wildlife lovers is Brazil, and the Pantanal is one of the best places to visit in June. In Brazil, it’s winter in June, but it’s also the dry season, while temperatures are still fairly high too.

The Pantanal is one of the largest wetland ecosystems in the world, and during the wet season, it can be difficult to travel to. June is perfect though, because it’s now that the wildlife begins to emerge as water sources start to dry up.

This is when the infamous Jaguars are on the prowl, and when you’re most likely to see them in the wild. 

It’s also a lovely, albeit hot, time to visit Rio de Janerio and take in the sites around the city. Don’t forget to plan some beach time in Copacabana.

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