9 Best Places to Visit in July (WORLDWIDE)

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July is a peak month for travel in many parts of the world, but especially in tourist hotspots across Europe and North America, where it’s currently the height of summer. Choosing the best places to visit in July can be a challenge.

For budget travelers or tourists looking to escape the crowds, this can be a challenging month, because prices across the world, on flights and hotels, always seem to be higher in July. 

Finding the best places to visit in July can be difficult because the cities and beaches of Europe are packed with families on school break.

While the tropics of Asia or the Caribbean ensure that there’s lots of rain in other destinations too, while in the Southern Hemisphere, you have the cold of winter to deal with. 

But there’s always somewhere unique and refreshing to visit, and in Europe, you can head further afield to uncover unexplored wilderness in Greenland, or to ride the Trans Siberian across the vast landscapes of Russia. 

In Southern Africa, it’s peak wildlife viewing time, while in Northern Australia, the dry season sees a welcome relief from the usually humid and wet weather patterns that the area is infamous for. 

There are some great destinations to visit in July, you just need to be ready to get a little bit further off the beaten track to discover them. 

9 of the Best Places to Visit in July

1. Greenland 

Ilulissat Greenland - best places to visit in July

Greenland is proving to be one of the top emerging tourist destinations, because this vast wilderness is one of the most unique places on the planet. 

The huge island is located far north, with many parts found deep in the Arctic Circle and that means that there’s only ever a short window of time each year in which to actually travel here.

July is the best time to be in Greenland, and Greenland is easily one of the best places to visit in July. 

Forget Iceland, because that’s a destination that’s packed out in summer. Instead, travel to the remote glaciers and small, colorful villages of Greenland. 

Trek across the arctic or go in search of wildlife in the tundra. Whale watching along the coast or four-wheeling across the world’s largest ice sheets. 

Villages like Nuuk, Sisimiut, Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat offer stunning nature, rich culture and intrigue to travelers.

Greenland is a truly unique destination, and you’ll be there to experience the strange revelry that comes with the phenomenon of the midnight sun in summer when the sun never sets over the horizon. 

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2. Northern Australia 

Sailboat in Australia

While Australia certainly isn’t usually considered to be one of the best places to visit in July, most people are only accounting for the southern areas. 

This is a vast country though, a country the size of a continent, and while the well-known cities of Melbourne and Sydney are in the midst of their cold and rainy winters, it’s a different story up north. 

The Top End of Australia is an area that stretches from Cairns in the east, across to the Indian Ocean on the west coast, and through the empty deserts and green tropics of the Northern Territory. 

In July, the weather is perfect here, because this is the dry season. There’s no danger of cyclones, there’s no humidity and the temperatures are still in the high twenty degrees. 

Go snorkeling or diving along the Great Barrier Reef, or explore the ancient Daintree Rainforest near Cairns.

Check out Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory and the least visited major city in Australia, before road tripping down to Uluru. 

Better yet, get really off the beaten track and head out into the Kimberleys or into the Pilbara, the northern areas of Western Australia.

Here you can find remarkable landscapes and semi-arid deserts alongside the stunning coastline and empty beaches. 

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3. Kyrgyzstan 

Eagle hunter in Kyrgyzstan - best places to visit in July

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most beautiful, yet decidedly underrated destinations in the world. 

The Central Asian nation is shaking off post-Soviet stereotypes to welcome intrepid travelers to its mountains and steppes.

This is the land of nomads, where outside the cities you can still find the vestiges of local life as it has been for centuries.

The horse is still king in Kyrgyzstan, and you can take on multi-day horse treks through the mountains, tackling challenging passes at high altitude and uncovering remote, glacial lakes. 

It’s a land that’s made for adventure and for adventurers, and it’s one of the best places to visit in July because this is the height of summer. 

The snow will have melted in the mountains, and conditions are perfect for hiking or horse trekking.

You’ll see nomadic life in its element as families move their homes from the winter pastures to the summer slopes.

The country is a flurry of activity as the cities empty and the countryside is filled with people and animals. 

If it gets too hot – this is the height of Kyrgyzstan’s summer – then head to Issyk Kul Lake where you can cool off Soviet-style at the retro spas and hotels that are found around the edge of this huge inland waterway. 

Our Top Recommended Kyrgyzstan Tours:

4. Mexico 

Lina and David Stock of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel blog in Mexico in July

While Mexico is undeniably a popular place to visit, July is an often overlooked time of the year to actually travel here. 

Peak season is generally seen as being November through to April, putting July firmly in the off-peak time of the year. 

That’s because July is the rainy season, and it’s also when the Caribbean coast is likely to be hit by hurricanes, although these massive storms are a rare occurrence. This is summer and it can be incredibly hot across Mexico. 

That does mean that things are much quieter for tourists though and you can get some steals on resorts and flights to the beach areas in Cancun

You might also catch the whale sharks off the coast too, while the warm waters are great for diving. 

If it’s too hot though, then Mexico has lots of higher altitude destinations to consider, because even the capital, Mexico City, is found at a relatively high altitude.

Head to Chiapas and explore San Cristobal de las Casas or explore the volcanoes and mountains in central Mexico. 

Our Top Recommended Mexico Tours:

5. Canada 

The Icefields Parkway in July

Canada is a popular choice this time of the year because it’s one of the best places to visit in July.

Yes, Canada can be busy because this is the summer season, but it’s worth braving the crowds because this is a beautiful place to visit in July.

Head to the Rocky Mountains and road trip along the Icefields Parkway to see the best of Jasper and Banff national parks.

Head further afield and explore the remote areas in Yukon or the depths of the Arctic, which come alive this time of the year. 

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6. Russia 

St Petersburg Russia - best places to visit in July

While much of Europe is teeming with tourists in summer, Russia makes for a more unusual July getaway. 

Stretching from Europe to Asia, this is a vast country to explore, and while the most iconic cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg will, of course, be busy, jump on the Transiberian and work your way overland for an exciting adventure. 

You’ll see the depths of Siberia in the glorious summer weather, and end up on the other side of the world in Vladivostok from where you can continue into China or Mongolia. 

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Our Top Recommended Russia Tours:

7. Turkey 

Hot air balloons over a Turkey landscape

If you’re looking for a summer getaway of sun, sea, and sand, then consider a trip to Turkey, one of the best places to visit in July. 

Turkey has an exceptionally long and overlooked coastline, with islands and beaches that can best anywhere in Greece or Italy.

There are resorts and hotels and packages to Turkey cost just a fraction of what it costs to travel to nearby European destinations in the peak of summer.

You can even head further afield from the coast, explore the streets of Istanbul or head to the otherworldly valleys and landscapes of Cappadocia for hiking and hot air balloon rides

Our Top Recommended Turkey Tours:

8. South Africa 

South Africa coastline - best places to visit in July

South Africa might be in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the best places to visit in July. 

Cape Town and the southwest coast might be cold and stormy this time of the year, but visit this part of South Africa and you’ll escape the crowds that visit in the summer season. 

If you’re not into the colder climes though, then head up to Johannesburg where it’s a lot hotter, even in winter.

This is the dry season here too, which means lovely cool, dry weather and sunny days, which are perfect for spotting wildlife in the reserves and parks. 

Our Top Recommended South Africa Tours:

9. Tanzania 

Tanzania Safari - best places to visit in July

Tanzania is a popular choice in July, but there are few better times of the year to be in the East African nation because this is when the Great Migration passes through.

This is the dry season, so it’s prime time for safaris and for wildlife viewing. The northern areas are where all the action is happening, and while it’s bound to be busy, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

You can also head to Zanzibar for excellent diving and snorkeling, and wonderful beach weather, yet another reason why Tanzania is one of the best places to visit in July. 

Our Top Recommended Tanzania Tours:

10. Fiji

LIna Stock of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog swimming in Fiji in July

July is one of the best times to explore the tropical paradise of Fiji. Its arguably one of the most comfortable times of the year to visit since temperatures are nice not only during the day but at night also.

July is a popular time for visitors from New Zealand and Australia as they flock to Fiji to escape their colder weather. So make sure if you’re looking to visit Fiji in July that you book your hotels and tours in advance.

Adventure lovers must check out Pacific Harbour. It’s filled with nature and endless thrills, you can dive with sharks, swim underwater shipwrecks, go whitewater rafting zip-lining through a rain forest canopy and so much more.

If you’re looking to slow down but still have a taste of adventure you should head to Fiji’s Garden Island Taveuni.

Here you can simply enjoy paradise among its vast and diverse ecology that attracts a lot of nature lovers with its volcanic peaks, its waterfalls and let’s not forget its colorful soft coral.

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