Best Time to Visit Fiji

Fiji is a tropical paradise, and this idyllic archipelago in the South Pacific can be visited any time of the year if you’re looking for hot weather and an escape from the cold.

The country enjoys beautifully warm weather regardless of the season. To help you plan your Pacific getaway, here’s our guide to choosing the best time to visit Fiji.

This is the rainiest month of the year and it’s also the middle of cyclone season, meaning that if Fiji does get hit by tropical storms it’s likely to happen in March.

March in Fiji

It’s a lovely time to be in Fiji if you’re looking to avoid the summer crowds. A beachside resort is a good choice for April as you’ll be able to jump into the ocean to cool off.

April in Fiji

May in Fiji

The start of the dry season. You’ll avoid the real  high-season crowds that arrive in June and July, and you’ll still have wonderfully gorgeous weather.

June in Fiji

The start of the high season because weather-wise this is the best time to visit Fiji. The rain is now over and the skies are clear, while the temperatures are starting to drop too.

July in Fiji

It’s winter in Fiji in July but that means that it’s a prime time to be exploring. It’s a beautiful time weather-wise but if you do go in July be sure to book everything in advance.

August can be just as busy as July, and August is best avoided if you are looking for a quiet getaway. Prices remain high in August, but everywhere in Fiji looks beautiful this time of the year.

August in Fiji

This is the best time to visit Fiji if you want to snorkel or dive because the water is incredibly clear. It’s also manta ray season, and you can swim with these beautiful creatures.

September in Fiji

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