Tips for Choosing the Right Ultralight Backpacking Gear

Traveling light is the best way to really enjoy yourself when you are on the road backpacking or when you're hiking trails in the wilderness. Finding the best ultralight backpacking gear is essential.

If you’re investing your  hard-earned cash in new equipment for when you hit the road, then you’ll want to be certain that you’re investing in the best gear out there.

You will need to find a backpack that is both the right size for your needs, and that’s made from a material that’s durable enough to take a beating while you are on the road.

Choosing an Ultralight Backpack

It’s important to compromise between weight, weather resistance and durability. Always check the seasonality coverage and the waterproof rating of a tent before purchasing.

Choosing an Ultralight Tent

Choosing an Ultralight Sleeping Bag

The lightest sleeping bags are stuffed with Down, which packs down and compresses much better than synthetic fillings.

Choosing an Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Compared to more traditional roll mats, sleeping pads are bulky and generally made from foam, modern pads can pack down and be incredibly light to carry.

Choosing an Ultralight Stove

The lightest stoves are usually fueled by gas canisters, and they fold up and pack away easily while weighing as little as 100 grams.

The most obvious way to save weight is to downsize, and generally speaking, a one-liter bottle will be lighter than an equivalent two-liter bottle.

Choosing an Ultralight Water Bottle

If you are hiking, then a rain jacket is a must. Extreme, lightweight rain jackets can weigh as little as 150 grams and fold down to be packed away easily.

Choosing the right Ultralight Clothing

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