15 Things to do in Jervis Bay, Australia

Located three hours to the south of Sydney, the coastal community of Jervis Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New South Wales.

Right on the border with Victoria, Jervis Bay is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches on the east coast of Australia. To inspire your trip, here are our favorite things to do in Jervis Bay!


Within the national park, you’ll find the best beaches and natural sights within the wider Jervis Bay area.

Explore the Boodoree National Park and Botanic Gardens

Visit the Beaches of Huskisson

The town is best known for its beautiful white-sand beaches; the best include Huskisson Beach and White Sands Beach, both of which are just a short walk from the center.

Delve into History at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

You’ll see historical wooden ships, old navigational devices, and many more exhibits on display.

Visit the Cape St George Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse was built to protect ships traveling along the rugged coast of New South Wales, but it was built in the wrong place in the 1860s.

Join a Dolphin Watching Tour

Many of the local dolphins are friendly and well known to the boat captains. They’ll often put on a show for the passing boats in Jervis Bay!

Snorkel the Jervis Bay Marine Park

You’ll find a glorious underwater world and crystal-clear water that gives perfect visibility to snorkelers.

Scuba Dive Bowen Island

The island is an important nesting site for Little Penguins and is home to hundreds of these little creatures.

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