Lofoten Islands in Norway: 9 Things to Do & Planning Tips

Known for their breathtaking landscapes of imposing mountains, secluded beaches, and deep fjords, the Lofoten Islands are a Norwegian piece of heaven for both travelers and locals alike.

This spectacular archipelago is a perfect destination for people who are eagerly looking for a tranquil vacation, far from the bustling cities and busy lives.


Wander around this interesting museum, admire the exhibitions, and visit the different buildings available such as boathouses, fishing cottages, storehouses, and farmhouses.

Fishing Village Museum

Wander around its beautifully arranged streets, explore its vibrant port, check out the traditional restaurant, and admire the superb landscapes surrounding it.

Explore Svolvaer and Visit the War Museum

Check Out the Curios “Magic Ice”

Those of you who want to do something unique must-visit Magic Ice. Have a drink in an ice glass and chill for a while in a completely restored fish-freezing plant.

Adventure into Exciting Outdoor Activities

Whether you love climbing, surfing, skiing, fishing, kayaking, or cycling, the incredible archipelago offers you great adventurous surprises.

Don’t Miss the Lofotr Viking Museum

Expect to join fascinating tours, to be guided by costumed professionals, and to have fun while learning so much about the life of the Vikings.

With so many magnificent landscapes, Lofoten is a dream for every travel photographer or Instagram enthusiast.

Take Amazing Travel Photos

You can rent a car and explore the Lofoten Islands all by yourself, but you can also join one or more exciting tours and take advantage of the activities put together by locals.

Join One of the Thrilling Tours Available

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