Red Beach: The World’s Best Snorkeling Location

You may also see it referred to as Pink Beach and Pantai Merah. This beach gets its names from the red coral that breaks off and washes ashore leaving a beautiful pink hue to the sand. 

It really stands out against the turquoise-colored water and dramatic landscapes behind it.

Red Beach is located near the remote island of Rinca in Komodo National Park. It is considered a remote area as there is no public transportation that will get you to this little gem.


The water here is so shallow that you couldn’t dive it if you wanted to, which makes it a paradise for snorkelers.

Best Snorkeling in the World

You will float along and see things so amazing you won’t believe your eyes. I can think of no other place where you can see such vibrant, untouched coral so close to shore with such an abundance of marine life that you could spend hours in the water.

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